A Day on the SHip PT 1

6th of Readying, 383ONT, Champions Boot, Quarters of the Master Carpenter

Mandy looked into the little silver mirror, the sight staring back at her was hardly recognizable. The acid had burnt most the hair from her scalp as well as her eyebrows. The healing magic that had been offered by Flitt had taken care of the scars the acid had left, and already there was some fuzz of where her hair was growing back, but still. She took her knife and carved off the little hair that was left… better to allow it to grow in all together. He looked down at her drab clothes… her new uniform that Thalion had made her had also not survived the acid bath, she was wearing her old cabin boy outfit while she waited for a new one to be sewn. It had been a hard few days. At first she wasn’t sure how to have taken Aurellias departure… the burning fo the body had been surreal, with Horace insisting that he was still part Aurellia and that it wasn’t a funeral… Mandy wasn’t so sure. Horace had quickly opted to move in with the Lady Alyss and her voice, her gait, all of her…was gone. Things had looked up a little during the full moon, Aurellia had become her old self again… for a time, but as soon as the moon passed, she was back to Horace again, what did that mean? Was this really still her friend? Would they be haunted by a ghost of her their friend every moon? Why had Aurellia left them? Mandy shook her head in confusion trying to process it all.

The Kitchen

“300 meters in that short a time… not too bad for a new swimmer… water wasn’t exactly warm either” Hatrutt said as he expertly diced a few onions. Paolo sat a little straighter as he peeled the potato at the table.

“Ya think? I tried real hard sir… and like ya said, between the dragon and the shark, while my body didn’t seem to want to quit”

“Aye, those can be powerful motivators, but ya seemed to handle yourself well… and it was for the better you weren’t on the ship when the acid rained down… made a terrible mess of things” Hatrutt scooped up the onions with his knife and put them on a pan over the stove, he added some oil and began to crush up some garlic as the onions began to sizzle

“I don’t doubt it sir… Ms. Doyle has had me out there sanding the deck planks since Caliber… I don’t know if she’ll ever be happy with them, they feel pretty smooth to me”

“I wouldn’t go questioning the quality of the Master Carpenters Work Lad…. Nothing but trouble down there” Hatrutt said as he gently added a cut of fish into the pan.

“I know… I just feel like I don’t have a thing yet… and that everyone else is really good at something, and that I am just the extra guy… I wish I knew what I could be good at”

“well Lad… it takes practice and hard work and trying a bit of everything to find your talent… it also takes getting the potatoes peeled soon enough that the Chef doesn’t cut your life short before you find your talent” Hatrutt said, a little sternness creeping into his joke… he saw the boy redouble his efforts on the potatoes and softened a little “Keep your eyes and ears open, watch the crew, even when they don’t mean to they are always teaching, you will find your place, I’m sure of it”

Crew Bunks

Baker tossed aside another crossbow, he had stripped the two useable parts from it, but the acid had destroyed it beyond all repair… fourteen different weapons destroyed by the dragon.

“Arg” he grunted in annoyance, causing Robinson to look up

“What’s on your mind Craw?” the ogre asked

“I can’t believe it… everything I ever thought was wrong… we were attacked by a dragon… a dragon!” Robinson nodded sagely

“Dragons happen apparently, at least on the Champions Boot” the Ogre said

“It’s not that we fought a dragon… it’s that the men were useless… Thalion, and Miriel did all the work, while the men just cowered or were useless” Robinson gave him a long look

“OK… just give me a minute to unpack that… you are mad that the men didn’t play a large enough roll in killing the dragon?”

“You get it, thank the gods” Baker said with some relief. Robinson debated how to proceed… on one hand he wanted to rail on the idiot about women and men and who cares it was a god damned dragon… on the other hand, it had been a long few days, and the Bosun had recommended working on moral with the crew maybe challenging Craws world view was a little too much right now.

“If it helps you sleep better… Sir Thalion is a male” Robinson said, Baker looked up from the broken bow somewhat conspiratorially

“Really?” he whispered to Robinson

“So I have been led to believe, the Knight is indeed a male”

“Well… I’ll be damned… I just went and assumed he was a she… all elves kinda look She-ish but he kinda struck me as a she type”

“well there you have it” Robinson said trying to end this weird conversation as quickly as possible

“and Rikka, he a fellow to?” Baker asked… Robinson paused, he honestly didn’t know

“sure” he said non committedly hoping that the conversation was done. Robinson rose to leave the area

“hmmm… gets ya think huh…. I guess when you look at it, the Master Gunner had to become fellow in order to slay the dragon to huh… I guess our gender really did step it up”

“Oh dear gods I have created a monster” Robinson mumbled to himself as he quickly left the room… he wasn’t sure how he was going to explain this to anyone

Room of the Kempai

Koho cut her long locks as she stuffed a raw carrot in her mouth, she remained wrapped in the blue robe she had borrowed. She sat in bold defiance of Ymeri no longer would she be a pawn, no longer would she worship that which was false… her entire life she had been secluded from living, from doing anything that was not fit for a prophet… but now… now she would know what it meant to truly live. She cut away the last long strand of hair and looked at herself…. How? She did not even know what it meant to live like a …. Common person? What did common people do? And why did they do such things… if she was going to enter into this world she would need a guide… but whom?

On the bow deck

“Again” The Captains voice rang loud and clear as he held his long sword up in the guard position. Thalion and Prancer looked at each other and nodded approaching cautiously. Both were soaked in a thick sheen of sweat but they were learning. The Captain had declared that he felt his sword play was “rusty” at first he had seen Prancer practicing with the old rapier, but a “rusty” Captain made short work of Prancer’s best moves, when Thitmed (still looking ridicules with half his beard melted away) and Belinda had come by with Thalion to watch the Captain had upped the stakes insisting the elf join Prancer. It had been almost half an hour now, between the two of them they had score three blows on the Captain, none fatal. The Captain in turn had “killed” them each about fourteen times. Prancer came running forward, extending his rope arm to grab the boom and swinging over the captain setting up a flank with Thalion who rushed forward shield high and blade low. Prancer offered a series of intricate thrusts and slashes, but the aged elf was fast, kicking at Thalions shield pushing him back and sending long swipes in Prancers direction, that bought him time to dance to the starboard rail putting the sea at his back and forcing the two to approach together in the front. Prancer took a deep breath and rushed forward feeling Thalion beside him


Prancer came up gasping as he emerged from the cold water. He could hear the chuckles of a few crew members as a line was tossed down to him. He quickly pulled himself back up to the deck

“That will be all Mr. Forbes, Master Alfirin… thank you.” The Captain said offering a bow. Prancer bowed in return



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