A Promise Kept Pt 1

23rd of Floodtime 383 ONT, 10:15am, Pardwell Crossing Fields, Cainia

Sir Horace let loose a series of four tight fireballs and then dropped to a crouch allowing Rand to step off his back and jump high enough to fire two arrows into the Gnoll Commander. The agile Ranger hit the ground in a roll coming back up with an arrow knocked but he held it, Sir Horace’s men had the enemy in a full route. The Ranger turned back to Horace with a grin on his face

“That was kinda fun” Rand said lazily firing his arrow and dropping a fleeing gnoll on the fringe of the battlefield. The knight regained his feet and stretched unable to suppress his own grin

“I would agree”

“You know you’re going to hear about it from the Queen right?” Rand said. Horace raised an eyebrow putting a mock innocent look on his face

“Her Majesty ordered me to escort these men to Don-Ton for the rebuilding of our embassy… I was told to get it done in under five teleport jumps… can I help that three of them just happened to be in Cainia? And that we just happened to land in a group of hostiles?”

“Very unlucky” Rand said in an attempt to look solemn

“I know right? What are the odds?” The knight said

“Enough that you are going to be in trouble when we get home” Rand said, a note of seriousness in his tone, but the knight would have none of it

“I believe a certain Ranger once told me that it’s fun to be in trouble” both of them broke into chuckles

“it is isn’t it” Rand said once again taking an appraising looked… they were eighty feet from the walls of Pardwell… there were clear signs of the Mercenaries there freaking out and trying to figure out what to do about this hostile force. “I guess we should get ready for the next jump?” Rand offered

“No…” The Knight said “I think we will take a four hour break here… let the men rest and regain their magical energies”

“Right here… 80 feet from the wall of the keep?” Rand asked incredulous

“Seems like a nice spot… with a good view” Horace said turned and dramatically scoping the little field

“You’re such an asshole… I love it” Rand said as they both laughed



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