Another Day In Hell Pt 2

15th of Coldeven 382 ONT, 10:15am, Kordrans Hall, Hellrick

The King sat in his throne looking at the assembled warriors, merchants, Jarls and Earls. These were his people, and as always they had the right to bring grievance to him… and today they had grievance.

“They burnt me ship! How am I to live without a ship?” Hauk Svanson cried. There was a resounding assent to his words.

“This is surly the work of Vikar the Black! I say we go and string him up once and for all!” Kaare Stava yelled, he was one of Kodran’s oldest supporters and greatest warriors. The crowd roared again, the thirst for vengeance was high

“Friends… FRIENDS!” the King called standing and raising his voice to be heard “I like you also believe that the ships came from Horgsholt. But we have lost half our ships, and they have lost none, until we rebuild we cannot go chasing after them, I will not send four ships against their ten, I will not have you die in vein” his words rang across his hall, he could see his wisdom pouring into them, they were still angry, but they could understand

“BULLSHIT!” a voice cut across the hall from the doorway, he looked up and sighed seeing Tiril Thorkleson standing in the doorway.

“Shut up women, you have no voice in this hall” Hauk yelled to her. He did not get much further as she strode up to him in three mighty steps and sent a thundering fist into his nose. The man staggered back and cursed “You Bitch!” he said as he wound up for a strike, but was met with two quick punches prior. He reached to his belt and ripped his dagger from its scabbard. Only to hear the loud


Come from behind him,

“You wouldn’t be drawing a blade in the King’s own Hall would ya Hauk?” Came the deep baritone of Torstein Wellhaven. The man stood at least seven feet in height with a thick blond hair and a large bastard sword. “Not even you would be that stupid…” he finished. Hauk nodded to the large man and put his dagger away. Tiril did not wait for the battle to start again, she pushed forward towards the throne and continued their plea

“We can’t do nothing! They took Stina! I won’t have my King, the man who has sworn to protect my family tell me to sit easy while the rape my daughter… I want them dead… I want them all dead!” she proclaimed setting steely blue eyes upon the King. Kodran sighed and looked at her

“I just finished telling them Tiril, we can’t chase yet, I wish that we could, but I won’t send men to die on a lost cause”

“You Coward!” she yelled, but was cut off before she could continue, her hair was ripped backwards from behind and she quickly found herself on the stone floor of the hall with Torstein’s sword to her throat.

“I like ya Tiril, but unless your next words are the lands most humble of apologies for slurring me Kings noble character, I’ll slice yer head clean off” his words were deadly serious and she knew he would do it without question.

“I apologize my King” she said through gritted teeth, anger just below the surface

“It is a hard day for all of us, your words are forgiven… let her up Torstein” Kodran said. The large warrior removed his sword from her throat and grasped her wrist pulling her back to her feet.

“Is that it then?” she yelled, trying to gain back some momentum. She searched around the hall for any who would take up her cause “are there no hero’s left? Will you all just allow this insult to stand, they burnt our ships, robbed our stores and stole our women, MY DAUGHTER! Will no one bring the fight back to them?” The room was deadly silent before Kodran spoke again

“I know your pain, Vikar stole my owns sons life from me… I will not spare a ship to you, I cannot risk it, but if you must follow this through on your own, you may have one of the small fishing boats, and try a rescue on your own… that is the most I can offer. May the Machra fury fall upon your enemies”

“Icey death to them all” the room finished the kings prayer. It wasn’t much, it wasn’t what she wanted, but it was hope, and that was enough for now, she would take it

“thank you my King” she said bowing her head and turned to leave, she had not made it through the crowd when a voice called out again

“My King, Tiril raises good reason sire” she stopped and turned as the crowd went silent

“What have you to say Torstein?” Kodran said

“Vikar and his black fiends not only stole her daughter, but they have insulted my King by tarnishing his home and trying to slur his reputation… Allow me to go with her, and bring the Kings Justice to those that think Hellrick is set for easy plunder” the room was deadly silent… it was a well-known fact that King Kodran did not enjoy his champion being far from home. The King scratched his beard and sized up the crowd

“So Be It, avenge my honour Torstein Wellhaven”

“Thank you my King” and with that the large warrior turned and joined Tiril as they headed to collect supplies for their journey.



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