Blood of the Goddess pt 7

Zazz and Ave leaned over the dead body of poor Aranitie, Ave had tears streaming down her face as Zazz mumbled to himself

“no, no no no, no” the little Gnome cried. Arnold led the two warriors of Selwyn around the smithy showing them what happened and confirming their were no other malcontents in the area. The two warriors conduced a through search of the area, but at last concluded that their had only been the one attacker, and now that he was dead, this was no longer their issue. they bowed in respect to the Dactyl and two Gnomes before turning and leaving for their temple.

“What are we gonna do, what are we gonna do?” Ave cried, shaking back and forth

“no… no no no” Zazz continued to wimper over the body of his departed employer and friend.

“We’re gonna have to do something” Arnold said looking over at the smithy and the land beyond it. Zazz and Ave looked at him, the three were all apprentices and rather new apprentices at that, they knew nothing of the business of running a smithy. They knew little more than forging nails.

“What about Aranite?” Ave asked, Zazz and Arnold looked to her “Like, do we bury him? and if so… where? do we burn him? who do you even talk to about that?”

“Better question” Arnold said “How do we pay ourselves? or feed ourselves? can we still live here?”

“No No No, we’re in soooo much trouble, what are we gonna do?”

“We’ll think of something…” Arnold said “we have to”



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