Blood of the Goddess pt 8




“oh gods… oh why… whhhhhhy” Zazz sniffled and cried as he swung the hatchet into the upper leg of his once mentor and friend Aranite. Thick hunks of coagulated blood splattered in every direction with each clumsy swing of the tool.

“Quit your crying Zazz” Arnold hissed, we have only hacked through two legs and we still have a lot to get through before morning. The gnome looked up at his friend, Zazz’s face had gone white and had an abject look of horror permanently plastered there. Arnold let out a sigh and left the bellows to come speak to his friend again

“Look Zazz, I told you, he was a worshiper of the Night Wind… and the guy who killed him… he said he was a Day Wind worshiper, so we have to burn him into smoke, and send him off before morning, else he’s gonna go to the evil Day Wind God… I worked it all out in my head” Arnold said patting the gnome on the shoulder

“But I don’t, I don’t see why I have to hack him apart” Zazz sniffled. Arnold let out a big sigh

“Because we can’t fit a centaur in the furnace whole silly… so we have to cut him into manageable sizes”

“Couldn’t we just have have a big bonfire on the grounds and burn him in one go…. it, it’s just so… so… I don’t know… let’s just burn him whole” Zazz stammered out

“And scorch the lawn Zazz?” Arnold asked with a tone of annoyance “Do you think that’s what he’d of wanted? a big black burn on the grass? that’s crazy Zazz” The gnome hung his head in shame at the rebuke from Arnold, but looked down at the blood soaked hatchet in his hand

“I’ll never get this done before dawn… not with this thing” he said. Arnold looked at him and nodded in cold agreement

“I concur, and from the almost nothing I know about this religion, getting him burnt before dawn is super important… hmmm” The Dactyl put his hand to his chin in concentration “grab a chisel and mallet, that should help us break through the bone more efficiently” Zazz nodded at him and stood walking shakily to the smithy to find the right tools.


I … can’t even…

Blood of the Goddess pt 8

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