Brotherly Love

11th of Planting 383 ONT, The Champions Boot, Mess Hall, Confluence of Tryb and Upper Prometheus, Glandora, 8:18pm

Prancer walked down from the deck into the mess hall, making his way to the kitchen window for some warm tea. His eyes locked on Trenton, sitting at the long table drinking from the stash of dwarven spirits he had liberated. Prancer felt his cheeks go red as he stomped up to his brother and batted the cup from his hand.

“Selwyn’s perky tits you little shit! Why did you do that!” Trenton said anger in his face as he leaned back to collect his cup from the floor

“You’re drinking again? NOW?” Prancer said accusation in his voice

“Of course I am drinking now dip shit” Trenton said, his fingers just reaching the cup… Prancer kicked it from his grasp sending in flying across the room until it smashed against the fall wall. There had been a few other crew in the mess hall… resting up while the officers debated rowing up the Tryb or continuing down the Promethean

“I think maybe we should head into the oar wells” Robinson said to Paolo, Baker and Willhym as he stood up seeing the tension in the air

“Go where you want to, this is just starting to get good” Willym said turning on the bench to get a better view.

“I’m not in the mood for a speech Harry” Trenton said in a dangerous tone, standing up and moving to push past Prancer to get another cup from the kitchen. Prancer blocked his path and didn’t move

“Just like you weren’t in the mood to cut down Dante, or Courtney or the Girls?” Prancer retorted pushing his brother back a few steps. Trenton cocked his head to the side as he reached out grabbing the bottle and taking a long pull from it directly.

“Seven Silver on Prancer” Baker whispered across the table seeing where things were going

“I don’t know if we should be gambling here, what would the Bosun say?” Robinson murmured

“I’ll take that action, I saw Trenton on deck, bet he draws first blood” Willhym said. Money was quickly placed on a plate on the table.

“Well, We don’t all have big titty’d monsters to fly up there and do our dirty work Harry” Trenton said, finally pulling the bottle away from his mouth and stepping forward again to get into Prancer’s space. Prancer was having none it. He pushed his brother back and ripped his rapier from its sheath pointing it at Trenton

“You will speak of Miriel with a civil tongue or I will cut it out” he spat, nearly frothing at the mouth

“I think I’m going to get the Bosun…” Robinson said as he slowly tiptoed over to the stairs… no one stopped him

“Or else what… you’ll get your whore monster and hide behind her…. OOOWE!” he had barly said the words when Prancer had lunged forward stabbing his brother in the arm before bouncing back to where he had sat… a red patch began to show in Trenton’s breeches.

“shit” Willhym murmured as Baker smiled and scooped up the coin “Go again? I say Trenton puts him down in under two minutes” the Halfling asked fishing out another seven silver. Baker nodded adding the other half to the pile

“Well…” Trenton was saying as he finished another pull from the bottle and drew his own sword “look who fucked off for two years and tried to grow a pair of balls… I didn’t see you anywhere when Faurther was attacked” Prancer dropped his guard an expression of disbelief on his face

“I was on a ship coming here Asshole!” he declared, but quicker than anyone could register Trenton’s sword flashed up and stabbed him in the shoulder. Prancer roared in anger bringing his sword up there were about four clangs of steel on steel before Prancer’s sword when flying across the room.

“nice…” Willhym whispered collecting half the money, but leaving the rest as the offer of another bet “…to the winner?” he offered. Baker nodded and dropped more silver on the plate. Prancer put his hand up, but his rope arm shot up, over the rafter and around his brother’s sword wrist drawing it tight. As the sword arm went into the air Prancer stepped in and laid a solid punch into his brothers nose.

“I wasn’t hiding in a bar, while my family was being murdered!” Prancer roared

“No… You weren’t there… you don’t know what happened you sanctimonious asshole! At least I fought them off” Trenton said dropping his sword and grabbing the rope. He then pulled hard, ripping his brother off his feet while he smashed his face with the bottle still in his other hand… Prancer staggered under the assault throwing a wild haymaker to no luck “Too little too late, as always Harry… you saved the wrong brother, long after it was needed… big surprise” the condescension seemed to hurt Prancer almost as much as the blows as Trenton knocked his brothers feet out from under him, he then knelt down landing several punches.

“Shit” said Baker leaving the money on the table as he and Willhym got up moving to break up the now one sided fight. They were almost there when Flitt’s voice boomed in a way it never had before

“WHAT BY HIS HOLY BOARD ARE YOU DOING!” the grippli roared leaping down the stairs into the mess hall.

“Stay out of this Frog Man, I’m …” Trenton started but was surprised to receive a punch to the face from the grippli before he could say more

“Get him off Prancer!” Flitt ordered, spurring Willhym and Baker into action as the two grabbed Trenton and dragged him off Prancer. Prancer, locked in his rage, rolled to his feet and delivered a jab at Trenton. That was as far as he got before Robinson grabbed the swashbuckler and hauled him back

“You coward!” Trenton yelled still struggling

“I’ll rip you throat out you shit head!” Prancer called back fighting against the iron bars that were Robinsons arms.

“By the kiss of Aleau, Knock it off! You two… take Prancer into the front cargo hold… put a guard there, nothing but water until he calms down! Robinson, put Prancer in the pantry, same deal” Flitt shouted over the two screaming brothers. The crew nodded their understanding dragging the two away to their respective cells. “Like we need this right now” Flitt growled picking up the dropped hats and swords… Paolo the only other one in the room just looked back to his tea and took a long slow sip… was best not to be noticed right now.



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