Time Unknown

Location Unkown

And so it was that the oceans of the ether roiled and churned the great tides receded and bubbled and through the turbulent surface sprang a great oak… rocketing into the sky the mighty oak was over one hundred miles wide, and ever onward is shot towards the sky branches ever snaking out leaves blossoming as it took its place in existence. As the sun set towards the twilight hours the great oak finally began to take its root and shape it solidified into a great structure filled with burrows that led to homes, to markets and theaters, to happiness. Great palaces and homes nestled within the branches of the mighty oak and took shape. In each cardinal direction a great branch shot arrow straight at the end forming a great watch tower. On top of each tower a glisten of magic and substance from the ether pulled together to create a form… to create life.

The Northern Citadel had a light coating of frost over its walls that were built from the great Aurora. He took the form of a man, his hair dancing with the colours of the great aurora his skin a slight tinge of blue; His eyes that of the cold winter wind… and so it was that Tuath, first of her Cardinal Winds had come to be.

To the South at the same moment the Citadel came into being, its walls a shimmer of heat as it met the cool air. She was formed of warmth, of grace, he long flowing hair her silky skin, she would be a bringer of comfort. She was Deas the Southern Cardinal Wind and she had come to be.

Great billowing clouds came in from the east, large and fluffy to form the walls of the Citadel, the clouds began to shape her as well, she would bring in storms, and push forth the rain, she would wash the battle field anew and allow regrowth to begin. She was Eir the Eastern Cardinal Wind had come to be.

As with the East the West brought in silky stratus clouds that made long smooth walls of their Citadel. The formed up large muscles and great billowing beard with long corded hair. He would fill sails and send those out to find adventure, he would push back his sister’s storms and labour to turn the great mills… He was Iar, the Western Cardinal Wind had come to be.

As Each Cardinal Wind came into existence they knew their purpose, it was clear, and each took off flying into their direction with the mind and purpose of their goddess. Their Citadels began to gently way and shutter always guarded by their essence and breeze

At the top of the Great Oak sprawled the Palace of theGoddess of the Night Wind. And at her gates a leaf blossomed and from the blossom formed a women. She was well muscled with dark hair and great wings of black that sprang from her back, spirals of gold twisted and turned as the wrapped around her body in an intricate set of tattoos. As she looked up the Four Cardinal Winds blasted her from each direction and she was filled with the love and desire to serve the Goddess of the Night Wind. She was Ariuk, First Storm of the Goddess of the Night Wind and Ordinal of her paradise. She was knew and young, she would have liked to learn of this new land, to bask in the glory of her Goddess’s creation, but that could not be, not now, her goddess had work for her to do and she was created to serve. She turned and entered the mighty Oaken Palace to find passage to the Land of Argyle, where her Goddess had business.



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