Crew Dayz pt 1

1st of Planting, 383ONT, Champions Boot, 4:23pm

Captain’s Quarters

Paolo stuck his tongue out in concentration as he carefully placed the tiny silver fork closest to the plate, he looked up at Bosun Fargazer, nervously. A long silence passed between the two before Flits face split into a large smile.

“You got it Paolo; that was a perfect setting, excellent job!” Flitt said enthusiastically. The boys face exploded into a large grin at the praise. Flitt was proud, Paolo had not exactly taken to this naturally, and attention to detail had needed to be drilled in repeatedly, but at long last his hard work appeared to be paying off. “Leave the settings out for supper” Flitt said glancing over at the water clock in the corner of the room “we can practice more tomorrow, for now head downstairs and report to Sir Thalion, he mentioned he needed you back for more measurments”

“Aye Aye Mr. Fargazer” the boy said, Flitt was happy to see a proper salute this time as the boy scampered off.

Front Starboard Oar Bay

Prancer’s sword worked in furious little circles as he shuffled forward and back, he was coated with a thick sheen of sweat but still he pushed onward, throwing his sword at one point and having his rope arm retrieve it for him while he continued moving. He finished a specific maneuver and as he thrust he whispered some simple words

“Master Bhatia, My name is Harold Forbes, you are the man who killed my father; prepare to die” he offered a few more thrusts finishing the complicated manure. As he finished his routine he huffed and puffed “What do you think?” he asked turning to Miriel. The strix looked up from her belly to the sweaty swashbuckler.

“I am sure you slew all you imaginary enemies satisfactorily” she said in a tone of minimal interest inciting a glower from Prancer

“I am practicing, I will need to be perfect once we reach Cainia if I am to defeat Bhatia and the Omaru”

“I don’t see a need to get worked up, the Omar people will die, everyone else we have faced in battle has; I see no reason for this to be different” Prancer stared at the women of his dreams and shrugged. There was no arguing with her pragmatism so why bother. It was times like this that he wanted to drop to his knees again and beg her to marry him, but he steeled his will. She was the daughter of a powerful Jairi in Edheren; he was a one armed orphaned sailor, now with no prospects or homeland. If he were to convince his goddess to marry him he would need to be worthy of her, he would remove the Omar occupants from his land, would exact vengeance on them and show that he was still able to be a battle hardened warrior worthy of her, then, maybe then he would bend a knee once more and hope he had not lost his chance. He took two steps forward and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead before returning to his practice point to restart his training, he would avenge his father and be worthy of her, even if he needed to train all day and night for the rest of his life.

“Master Bhatia, My name is Harold Forbes…”

Cargo Hold

“… and that crate makes another 150 prewrapped bandages, there” Belinda called as she climbed out from behind a stack of crates “did you get all that Ceilia?” there was a long silence “Ceilia?” Belinda climbed out from behind the crates only to see Ceilia doodling on her inventory sheet. The Quartermasters face turned red as she saw that her last half hour of calling out items had not been recorded “CEILIA!” she called causing the girl to jump up startled

“Sorry Ms. Featherfoot, I guess my mind kind of drifted a little there, uh…” she looked down seeing how far off she was and blushed embarrassed “I guess we can start again?” she offered with a helpless shrug. The Halfling women looked as a giant in those moments, the wrath and anger of a sore and tired pregnant women about to unleash on her… Ceilia flinched as the Quartermaster made efforts to visibly calm herself before speaking

“Unlike some people on this ship, I don’t actually have all day to work on this… Ceilia, go find the Bosun and inform him that I have assigned you to switch duties with Maddox for the next few days, have the swab report to me immediately, perhaps he is more competent then my sailor” the words were dripping with venom… Ceilia was well abashed and looked like she may cry, but the tears had no effect on the officer. The half elf hung her head in shame and walked out of the cargo hold.

Mess Hall

“Thanks for sitting with me Ms Doyle, Robinson… can get kinda lonely in here, and I’ve been meaning to get to know you better” Willhym said as he picked up a potato and a knife to begin peeling it. Apparently he had been just a little too sarcastic with the First Mate and was now told to peel three bags of potatoes

“No Problem at all, no one ever invites me to hang out with them” Mandy said excited as she sat across from them. Robinson just smiled, enjoying some down time

“So tell us a story Robinson, one from the Don-Tonian Navy Days” Willhym implored

“Well I could tell you about my time on the Bone Spur, when we were chasing pirates along the haggard end coast” he said scratching his jaw

“OOO… that sounds exciting!” Mandy said enthusiastically, unconsciously picking up the extra knife and potato that Willhym had ‘happened’ to leave in front of her spot.

“Well, there we were, the Pirates had been harassing merchants coming in and out of NOula, and we were sent to sink them, we caught sight of them just as they were heading for the Spotmark islands… their was a storm coming in and if they made the island chain before us we would lose them for sure… The Captain was set on putting an end to this that day…”

“Robinson would you mind passing another potato” Willhym interrupted, Robinson looked down, he hadn’t noticed before that the bags were beside him and not Willhym. He reaced in and passed a few to Willhym, then saw Mandy peeling away and passed her a few more… feeling suddenly guilty he pulled out his knife and grabbed a few potatoes himself.

“I was on the foredeck manning the bow sail, so I had a great view of the entire thing…” he continued

Thalions Quarters

Thalion pulled the measuring tape back from Rikkas back noting down the final adjustments

“That should do great Rikka, we should have your uniform ready by the end of the week” the elf smiled offering a small nod as she exited the Mates Quarters. Thalion turned to Urden and smiled once more at him as he held a comically small shirt in his hand and had a needled between his pursed lips as he concentrated on Tar-Di’s uniform. “Thank you again for offering to help Urden, this will go much faster with your aid” the large man finished what he was doing and looked up with a big grin

“It is my pleasure Master Thalion, to be granted the privilege to garb others, to shelter them from the elements… there is no higher honour” the two nodded in mutual assent, quickly falling into a routine of drinking tea and sewing uniforms.



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