Divine Intervention?

3rd of Planting, 383 ONT, Fruyhn Forest, 6:27pm

She watched in her sturdy leather armor as the people tripped and scurried, elderly carrying children as mothers clutched weapons and cleared a path. They knew they were being pursued, the glow behind was not the western sun setting, everyone could smell the smoke, could hear the crackling of the great fire chasing them. She turned to her traveling companion and tugged on her feather mottled cloak.

“We have to help them, show them the path to safety” she implored. The aged youthful face looked back at hers, his elfin features saddened

“You know what happens if I get involved, that gives licence to others to do the same, you know this Sosh” he said, not angrily. Her eyes were large and round like blue pools reflecting in the moonlight

“Please,” she implored “If not for me, for Mother?” The elfin creature seemed so wrestle internally for a long moment as she maintained her most innocent pleading face. He shifted his weight back and forth until at last his resolve crumbled. As always once he had decided something he was fully committed and his attitude and stature changed at once.

“Fine… but this is not to be my miracle… this is to be blamed on someone else”

“Of Course” she said, agreeing to any terms the ancient Fey might have in order to save the people. “We can blame mother, it would make sense…” she trailed off, but already he was shaking his head

“She knows better, and it is well known where she is right now anyway, that lie would quickly be unsown… beside… it is evening, and a slight wind is kicking up, I have just the goddess in mind who can take the blame for this little miracle”

“How is it that you always have a spare goddess tucked away whenever you need one” the girl asked, her brows furrowing in mock annoyance

“Comes with the job Sosh, comes with job” he joked back

4th of Planting, 383 ONT, Just outside the siege lines of Dragnye Keep, 11:19pm

The General’s cane came down over and over again across the Captain’s back. The man was barely conscious, but still the aged General did not let up, and he forced the officers around to watch the horror of the punishment.

“I say, I say again, Just cause a little ol’ mist springs up you let three hundred refugees walk through your camp, past your siege and enter the keep? That just may be a brand new level of incompetence, one that in all my year’s I have never seen”

“Please General” one of the men spoke from the crowd “No one saw or heard anything, and the mist lasted only moments, what happened is not possible… we sensed no magic, and saw no one” The General Hit the man once more before pointing his bloody cane at the one who’d spoke

“Just because you can’t explain how somthin happened, does not mean it is not possible…You live in a world where Magic can do just about anything… nothing is impossible you witless twit…” he turned to the larger group… “This man, along with each man who was on specifically on a watch point are to be drawn and quartered, I want one done each day until the siege has been broken or they are all dead” he looked at the larger group “Honestly, I expected better from you Children of Steel, you have insulted your honour, and impugned mine… I will not allow that to happen again”

JAMIE- Add 76 new followers to the Goddess of the Night Wind


Ohh, an ancient Fey using trickery to cover his tracks and miracle. Must’ve been the Goddess of the Night Wind’s doing… wait a second… In-Pan-cievable!!

Divine Intervention?

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