Fixing the Chain of Command Pt 5

13th of Coldeven 10:54am 382 ONT, Ice Flows

Mandy had been underwater for a long time now, she only had another twenty or so minutes before her spell of water breathing would end, then she would have to see about getting another one, she tried to work faster but was only three quarters finished. There had been a sizeable about of damage along the stern keel with several micro leaks and a lot of drag from shards. If things were going to come down to speed later she owed it to her crew to have the best smoothest haul possible. She took out her chisel pulling off a half sundered board, she had learned the tricks of her hammer, she could not fix the ship, but when something was no longer attached, it wasn’t the ship anymore, she could then fix that piece and then reinstall it. It made the work slower but still satisfying.

“Human Child, Human Child, Ours to have, Ours to hold… under the ice”

Mandy spun around to look into the black, she fished the glow rod from her vest and held it high casting the light as far as it could… she saw nothing, had she really heard that? It had been so faint almost like the sound of wind on ice, but still… Bosun Rogard has always said ‘if your gut is telling you something, its best to listen to it’ she held her hammer high in her other hand and scanned the area carefully ready to tug her rope should the need arise.

Prancer hopped down from the mast and patted Paolo on the shoulder

“Not bad kid” he said warmly “We may just make a sailor out of you yet” the kid beamed under the praise “now head below decks and grab us both a tea or at least some warm water, once we’ve had a little break I’ll show you where we stow the emergency sails and how those work” the Halfling boy nodded and scooted off to the mess leaving Prancer a moment to stretch and look about, his eyes cast up and down the deck until they settled on Horatio and Baker. Horatio was holding a rope and staring over the side of the ship, he appeared to be fishing with a thick cord… Baker sat, he back against the railing, crossbow beside him smoking some rolled Tabaco. Figuring the two were on break as well Prancer wandered up hoping to get to know his fellow crewmates a bit better. “Gentlemen” he said nodding as he perched on a nearby crate. Both nodded back to him but little more. Prancer reached a little deeper to start up the conversation “Not too bad a morning considering we’re staring down the Don-Tonian Navy huh?” Horatio spoke first

“Not bad at all, at all, at all, I am worried but that is because I think it is good to worry, cause Mouskins needs to be safe, and I was told we were going to be safe, but I don’t feel like it is as safe as they said and…” the little guy went on for a bit. After Paolo came back with the tea he sipped his, and had near finished it when something occurred to him

“Where’s Mandy? I thought you two were working with her this morning?”

“The little fire cracker?” Craw asked taking a swing from his water skin “she’s below working on the ship” Prancer stared at him for a minute, putting together what was going on

“If she’s below, shouldn’t you be on watch then?” Prancer asked, his brows furrowing

“Meh, the gnome’s on the rope, it’s fine…” he didn’t get any further, a brown leather boot kicked him square in the jaw.

“By Talib’s shrunken member you ugly piece of sailors skid” Prancer swore… Paolo took a step back, he had never seen the jovial fellow like this before, Horatio turned to watch the events unfold. Baker was on his feet in a flash, coming up with an uppercut that connect and sent the swashbuckler staggering back a few feet.

“You’re in it now you monster humping priss” Craw said ripping a long knife from his scabbard and squaring off. Prancer quickly drew his rapier and set it to the on guard position

“My father said you have nothing to fear from a lazy man. Now you will apologize to Mandy for your negligence and then beg for my lover mercy for your foul tongue else I will cut it out and present it to her”

“Your Love? You mean that scantily clad Strix whore?” Craw said, he was ready for Prancer, but perhaps not as ready as he thought, the one armed sailor was surprisingly good with the rapier and he quickly found himself on the defensive, and bleeding from a lucky shoulder strike.

“Human Child, Human Child, Ours to have, Ours to Hold, forget your life, forget your friends, ours to hold under the ice” the voices were definitely real. She tugged on her rope again, still she wasn’t being pulled up. With her tool belt, hammer and supplies it made swimming all but impossible and she wasn’t strong enough to climb with all of her equipment. She scanned again, and then just on the fringe of the sea floor she saw them. Two of three creatures all sickly thin and pale, wearing shards of former clothing, with long gaunt faces and black orbs for eyes. “Human Child, Human Child, Ours to have ours to hold…” their song was sickly with an unearthly melody that made one want to give up and just surrender. Her hammer throbbed in her hand, she was scared.

Thitmed stood on the bridge his eyes locked into the spyglass watching Mirel wheel and turn In Sync with the elf and his bird. “Good” he nodded to himself, another few practices and the two might just have it, that girl Rikka might not be the most useless elf he’d ever met after all. It was then that he noted an abrupt change of course from Thalion, he had broken off from the exercise and was b lining right for the bridge. “Gods be damned” the dwarf swore, what could it be now. The eagle didn’t even land, just passed close enough to the bridge for the elf to drop off, then turned and circled the ship “Cutting it a bit short don’t ya think?” Thitmed asked as the elf steadied himself from the jump

“Mandy,” the elf said with a tone of worry “She’s in trouble, where is she?” Thitmed screwed his face up remembering as he turned back to the ship

“She’s working on repairs with… What in the Gods be damned sea?” as he turned he saw the duel taking place on the starboard deck he said nothing to Thalion who was hot on his heels just scooped up his axe and raced down to the deck.

“Mandy?” Thalion called as they approached but the elves words were lost as Thitmed bellow a terrible roar

“DID YOUR BRAINS GET SMASHED ON DUMATHIONS FORGE! BY YOLO’S AXE I WILL HAVE THE HEAD OF ANY MAN STILL HOLDING A WEAPON WHEN I GET TO THE MIZZEN MAST!” the roar thundered across the ship, causing Aurellia and Robinson on the bow to look back and quickly hurry to see what was going on. Whatever the quarrel had been between Prancer and Baker, neither questioned the first mates earnestness in his threat as both had sheathed their weapons and stepped back as he approached. Craw had not managed to land a blow on Prancer, but he had a few razor cuts for his efforts. “WHAT IN THE GOOD GODS OF ALL DO YA THINK YER DOIN?” Thitmed bellowed as he approached. He was vaguely aware that Thalion and Horatio were working on the ropes but he didn’t care just then, his focus was on these two idiots.

“Hit kicked me in the face sir” Craw said coming to attention

“He was being derelict in his duties, and he punched me” Prancer hollered back standing at attention himself

“He cut me sir, here, here and here” Craw said point to the several cuts he had received

“It’s not my fault he is terrible with a sword” Prancer shot back

“I’ll show you terrible with a sword!” Baker said stepping forward and pulling a knife, at the same time Prancer took a step forward his rope arm extending. Thitmed spun quickly the flat of his axe slamming into Bakers blade hand forcing the warrior to drop his knife, he continued the spin balling a fist and stepping into the blow landing a solid punch to Prancers nose. The human fell back under the weight of the thud.

“MASTER GUNNER!” Thitmed Hollered

“Aye” Aureelia said approaching cautiously

“If that man moves more than a hair, his hands even bleed in the direction of another weapon shoot him!”

“Aye Sir” She said pulling her pistol and pointing it at Bakers Head

“Robinson, hold Prancer, if her struggles crush him!” Thitmed ordered

“Aye Sir” The Half ogre said, pulled Prancer to his feet and pinning his arms in a bear hug

“Fighting on my ship, with weapons! In all my years, I can’t believe anything so stupid, we are staring down the gods be damned navy of Don-Ton and yer brawling on my deck! CABIN BOY!” he yelled as his tired hit new heights! The Halfling boy stepped forward nervously “go to me quarters lad, on the wall there is a large dusty whip, get it for me quickly” the boy nodded and took off. Thitmed glared at the two idiots who were both still breathing heavily

“Craw, brawling on my ship doesn’t happen, you try it again you’ll be swimming home, got it?” Craw glared at Prancer, but nodded his understanding to the first mate. “Good, Prancer, I expected better of ya, where was yer father’s wisdom on brawling like a village simpleton?” Prancer merely hung his head in shame, the First Mate continued “Craw, 10 lashes for brawling. Prancer 15 for starting it and drawing blood with a weapon, and since you both have so much energy you can be damned sure that you lost your rations for the next two days! This is over, understood?” both men mumbled assents


Mandy felt the creatures getting closer, she was feeling the urge to untie her harness and join them, to just give into their song “Human Child, Human Child, Ours to Have, Ours to Hold…” she was picking at her harness, trying to get it undone when she felt herself being lifted… “no…” she didn’t have the energy to fight it, she felt kinda strange, but she didn’t want to leave either. She felt herself break out of the water and was being lifted towards the deck, she looked down at the icy blue and saw the creature staring back at her

“Soon, human child, soon”



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Fixing the Chain of Command Pt 5

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