Glandora Bound

11th of Planting 383 ONT, Yalmona, Dusty Hat Inn, Omaru (Formally Glandora)

Constable Buck Frobisher rode his faithful stead up to the Dusty Hatt Inn. It appeared to be full, the noise that came from within showed that the men who had taken up residence were well into their cups, and in a rowdy mood. He dismounted from Talisker and fixed the horse with a stable look.


“You cover the back, I will take care of this quickly” he said to the horse, it fixing him with a vacant stare. The Constable then adjusted his red tunic and wide brimmed hat before walking up the three wooden steps and entering the Inn. The bar was indeed crowded, it looked to be filled mostly with the mercenaries who had taken over this town, the Children of Steel, as he had come to hear of them. Rumor had persisted that they had murdered the towns garrison and elders and now kept its populace under martial law and fear. The old constable shook his head, he had been in the wilds for a few weeks hunting down a particularly foul bandit, but for something like this to occur in absence… it was just unheard of. He took a deep breath and cleared his throat calling out to those assembled in the bar.


“EXCUSE ME, IF I COULD HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!” his voice echoed into the room, causing the bard to quit playing and most of those assembled to look up at him questioningly, by his count there were some fifty persons in the bar. “Thank you” he said in an authoritative voice. “I AM Constable Buck Frobisher or the Glandora Mounted Force. It has come to my attention that many of you are in this country illegally; if those of you who are can please place any weapons you have on the bar and line up along the far wall, we can do this peacefully” there was a stunned silence for a moment and then from the crowd a throwing knife whipped through the air and slammed into the doorframe beside his head. “No need to give them to me directly, please place them on the bar” he said completely deadpan. There was a grumbling from the crowd as a few begun to stand pulling swords and axes from their sheaths. “I will warn you, if violence ensues I will not go easy on you” one of the Halfling’s raced across the room, sword above their head as he raced across the room in anger, and battle was begun



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