Ship Life

23rd of Floodtime 383 ONT, 5:45pm, Champions Fist, Estos Ocean, Argyle.

The Hold

Taaj looked at the little area between the stacked grates of leather and sighed. A few blankets and a pillow had been brought out for him, but for the foreseeable future this would be his home. He looked over his shoulder to see Rick leaning in the doorframe looking at nothing in particular.

“Thank you Mr. Turd” Taaj offered allowing the man to leave if he wished.

“Actually, its pronounced Turid… Turid” the guard responded with a hint of annoyance

“My apologies Mr. Turid, I am well settled now, you need not occupy yourself with me if you have other pressing matters”

“Ah, no worries buddy, Captain was crystal clear, you are eyes on until further notice, you pee… I hold it kinda deal” his tone was cordial enough but his eyes implied he couldn’t care less about Taaj, his comfort or his wish for privacy.

“Well of course…” Taaj said with a disarming smile, “I was curious, do you know where Mandy…”

“Master Carpenter Doyle?” Rick interrupted in a warning tone

“Yes, do you know when Master Carpenter Doyle might be available?” he finished his request, starting to get annoyed with the guard

“Nope” he responded

“Do you think…”

“Nope” he said again, cutting off whatever Taaj’s next question was going to be. Taaj let out a breath through his teeth, at this the guard turned to him “Look buddy, I’m not here to be your pal, I was told you might be a risk to the crew; and if I end up having to stick you later, I’d rather not be on close terms when I do. Captain said you could be on the bow deck or here in your quarters, Captain said you were eyes on until he said otherwise… Captain hasn’t said otherwise to me, so stop asking me questions, cause to save time, I either don’t know or don’t care… got it?”

“ya I got it… Mr. Turd” Taaj said eliciting a glower from the guard but little else.

The Mess Hall

“Can I just say, that this might be the best ship I have ever been on?” Nathan said, taking another large forkful of steamed whitefish with kale and figs. “I don’t think I ever ate so well, and a double rum ration on the way out?” he raised his cup taking a deep pull with a grin that stretched ear to ear

“The Captain is generous with his rum” Oslow offered with slightly less cheer as he dug into his meal

“or at least the first officer is generous with the Captain’s Rum” Arlan offered eliciting a chuckle from Nathan

“To Generous First Mate’s!” Nathan toasted, Arlan was quick to clink his cup

“Actually… I am pretty sure the Captain was ok with it, he and Mr. Fargazer are SUPER close, they fought together in Amberdale, and in Harbinger…” Jesse enthused

“Yes yes, I am sure if the First Mate or Captain need a bed warmer they’ll call you” Hugh said snickering at his own joke.

“I am pretty sure that Grippli don’t take concubines Mr. Herwy” said the dour voice of Guiome from his place at the end of the table. The Hugh glared at the large sailor.

“well… who knows what the First Mate needs, he did hire a legless sailor… lot of help you were up there.”

“Easy Hugh” Nathan jumped in “Guiome’s legs got broke, during the fight, not much he could do”

“That’s just my point Nate…” Hugh said taking a large bite of food while he talked “In every fight were going to have to be worried about the cripple and the kind of trouble that brings upon us, instead of defending ourselves or the ship… he splinters the twig and he is useless”

“I was ask you came over here and said that?” Guiome said in a warning tone… those assembled ooooohed at the threat

“I don’t know about this, Mr. Fargazer is not really tolerant of brawling on his ships” Jesse piped in, but Hugh had already stood up and was walking towards the cripple at the end of the table. A murmur of coins exchanging hands quickly rippled through the room as Hugh approached, leering over the cripple and grabbing his cup of water.

“what are you gonna do about it crutchy?” Hugh leered as he poured the water over Guiomes head, as the first drops hit the large black-haired man, his hands grabbed his plate and flung it out smashing it into Hugh’s groin, as the sailor doubled over Guoime grabbed him and flung them both onto the floor quickly offering a series of well placed punches.

Maddax had just come down the stairs and quickly registered the chaos in the Mess Hall, he readjusted his spear and was about to dive in when he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned to see Flitt

“give them another minute, it’s good to let them establish their own pecking order… when things get serious then break it up”

“Aye Aye sir… the goblin said, a little uneasy”

Cannon Deck

Willhym pulled his hand out of the fifth cannon and pulled a lumped hunk of black sludge out.

“EWWWW” Deborah said as he dropped it into the bucket. “are they all like that?”

“Fair amount of water splashed in on the starboard side, I suspect the other two will have the same troubles… we’re gonna have to get them all cleaned up and dried”

“But didn’t the wizard say she could just dry it for us? Why do we have to do it?” she asked. Willhym rolled his eyes before responding

“Please put your left hand on the cannon Deborah” she looked confused but did as he bade… he slammed his fist down on her hand eliciting a yelp of pain

“Your on a ship now Deborah, and you report to me… The Captain will judge me based on your behaviour and attidude, and I only like being judged well… so if you have a question, we are gonna answer it right, else your gonna get a thump… the question you wanted to ask was ‘Didn’t MASTER ANAKAMOTO say she could dry the powder for us SIR?’” there was a long pause while Willhym stared at her, at last in a long mumbled garble game the new question

“Didn’t Master Anakamoto say she could dry the powder for us sir?” Willhym nodded and turned back to the cannon, pulling another handful of sludge out

“That she did, but we may not always have the good wizard with us, and you will need to know how to do this on your own and quickly… usually in a battle the Wizard has better things to do then be drying powder… now pass me that rag” he said reaching out. She grabbed the rag beside her and passed it, he stopped and looked up, she caught on quickly giving a slightly sarcastic but still acceptable

“Aye Sir”



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