The Bosuns Heaviest Duty

Written and prepared to be sent from next major port.

6th of Readying, 383ONT

Dear Mr. and Ms. Riley

I regret to inform you that your son, Horatio Riley, has perished in honourable duty on the Champions Boot protecting the vessel from a dangerous local creature. Your son only served with us for a short time, but performed his duties with skill and valour, and was quickly becoming a valuable member of the ship. his loss will be keenly felt on our vessel and we mourn along with you.

In the attached package are his possessions from aboard ship, his pay accrued including his danger bonus and Death Gratuity, and his mouse, Mousekins -would-be-safer-staying-on-the-ship-as-it-would-not-be-safe-posting-a-small-mouse-and-its-best-mousekins-stays-on-the-ship-rather-then-being-sent-away-just-now.


Flitt Fargazer
Bosun, Champions Boot



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