The Fall of Rosemellow

1st of Wealsun 383ONT, Ruins of Rosemellow, 20k South of Lockland 3:15pm.

Please Listen While Reading

Two hundred Wyzels stood at attention wearing their snow-white breastplates. The ancient oak that for hundreds of years had been a bastion of the Guard Mice of the Waylens now smoldered as in withered to nothingness. Its blackend charcoal was being scattered by a few Scurrious slaves, the ground had been churned as no root was left intact, no seed left to prosper. Great Dull dogs were escorted in, laden with heavy sacks as Wyzels threw salt into the overturned soil. Nothing would ever again grow here.

The White clad Wyzels faced a large oaken log that had been modified into a stage. Here lording over them stood the Admiral Thrawn, resplendid in his uniform, the hulking beast looked more akin to a small bear then a Wyzel. It was said he was part of a distant race known as the Gulo. Be that as it may, he stood a clear head over any of his troops. To match his brute strength and savage fighting style was a military mind unlike any Argyle had ever seen. It was said that the Grand Admiral didn’t make mistakes. And so far, among these elite troopers the reputation was well secured. A shadow passed over those assembled. Thrawn offered a stiff salute to the mighty Lord Shepard as the dragon banked and prepared to land. The assembled troops follow suit and held their attention as the Lord of the Waylens and Wyzels landed and dismounted. Clad in armor of black the mouse approached the dais. As he did the Grand Admiral dropped to his knee.

“Welcome Lord Shepard” he said keeping his eyes caste down

“What news Grand Admiral?” Lord Shepard said, his voice soft but full of menace

“I have confirmed the death of two more Guard Mice, and the last of their BIG supporters. The village of Glenrummy has been destroyed and we are completing your work on Rosemellow as we speak. Icarus did manage to escape with perhaps two score of villagers and survivors, but none of them were critical targets my Lord”

“Excellent Grand Admiral, where did they flee to?” Shepard hissed from behind his mighty helm

“Our scouts are still trying to confirm their course so that we might bring them under your heel sire. Evidence points to the fact that they may have had external help, I have no proof you but I have suspicions of a Guard Mouse.” The Lord Shepard hands clenched with anger at hearing this, but he did not lash out at his Admiral

“Your guesses have often been reliable. Which Guard Mouse do you believe it is?” The Waylen Lord asked. The grand admiral scratched the tufts under his chin for a moment while he considered the question

“based on our intel about the Locations of the others… We know that Pickans and Palmer are both still holed up at Arbour-Portum. Guard Mouse Clove was spotted six days ago snaking into the Fur and Foot Nations eastern boarder. That would leave Tander or Thaden. Tander is more blood thirsty, his style would have been to leave traps and ambushes for my men or at least a skirmish or two before committing to an evacuation… this feels more like Guard Mouse Thaden, he is more cautious with the lives of his charges”

“Thaden of Rootwallow….” The voice of Lord Shepard sounded almost distant as he considered the words “He is a dangerous adversary, He trained under Garrow of Birchflow, and was well versed in not only Ataru blade style but also studied a fair about of Makashi. He is not one to be underestimated, and Pickens tends to give him a very long lead on his actions. If he is involved in this our entire southern operation could be thrown into disarray…” The Lord trailed off for a long moment before coming to attention “Grand Admiral, I want him found, I want to know where he went and I want him dead, or too preoccupied to be a bother to my plans. I want you to take the Goliaths, The Ashe Crew and the Tactical Relation Division… bring me his sword, and his paw clutching it”

“It will be done Sire” the Grand Admiral replied “But do we really need three companies for one lone Guard Mouse and a few score of villagers?” Shepard again paused before responding, his helm made reading his impressions nearly impossible

“The Weave tells me he is not a lone guard mouse… he has bonded with the weave to one… or perhaps five others… I sense a disturbance in the weave that I have never before felt. My instincts tell me he is very dangerous to my cause. Take no chances Grand Admiral, if you need more resources do not hesitate… I will not rest easy until I know that Thaden of Rootwallow is no more”



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