Trouble in Caina - Last

7th of Goodmonth 383 ONT, 3:28pm, Throne Room of Darwheaton Castle, Cainia, Argyle

Please Listen While Reading

Harold “Prancer” Forbes, 7th son of the Late Harold Forbes sat on his fathers throne, his rapier laid across his lap as he stared past those assembled soaking in his family home.

“Darwheaton is fully our Sir, the remaining mercinaries have surrendered for fled, with Pardwell, Aravik and Narlington under our power we have control over Cainia once more.” Captain Treasurecoat said, reading the final report “There is like to be a few months of mopping up, but it seems OMARU has lost its taste for Cainia and is retreating into Glandora” he finished

“Your brother sent raven,” his Uncle Alex offered holding up a small note “He wants you to bend the knee to him as the true king of Cainia, else Narlington will be on the march… stuck up little twerp” His uncle spit on the ground “He doesn’t lift a finger to fight for the kingdom then when you have done the job for him he expects you to hand it over? If it comes to blows boy, you know we’re with you”

“You are the one who retained our services, the Slugs stand behind your banner” Commander Keeoto offered as well. Prancer looked down and smiled at them all.

“That is kind of you, of all of you… but the land is not yet free of the enemy and already we talk of waring with our own… I cannot do that…”

“You can’t be thinking of bowing to him boy? He did nothing while your mother and father were murdered… he…” His uncle raged

“He…” Prancer cut him off “… is the rightful heir to the throne of Cainia, and I will not war with my brother, no matter the disagreements we have… Commander,” he turned to the Dwarven Leader of the Fighting Banana Slugs “Please head down to the treasury, collect what is owed to your men, and what will be needed to keep them on defense of Cainia for the next six months… should my brother need more he can hire your services from there” The Commander sighed, he had liked the Prince and hoped the lad would have become the King, but alas he was only a mercenary and at the end of the day, their relationship was one of business

“Aye Lad, thank ye” he said

“I would like to purchase a light unit, as escort as well, I have business in the west, and could use the aid” Prancer continued

“You’re not staying?” His uncle asked, his face turning redder “The people… they need you”

“No, they need a king, and if I am here that will be thrown into doubt… besides… I have urgent business that I have put off for too long”

“Is this about a girl? You would throw away a kingdom for some girl?”

“I WOULD THROW AWAY A THOUSAND KINGDOMS!” He scolded suddenly angry, he leapt from the throne and stared down at his uncle, demanding he attempt to judge him after all he’d done and sacrificed “…for love” he said the last two words in little more than a whisper, walking down and putting his hand on his uncle’s shoulder. The older man pulled him into a tight hug

“I hope she is worth it, find some happiness boy, you deserve it” Prancer looked up form the hug and held his uncle’s eyes for a moment nodding a promise that he would. He then broke off the hug and turned to the throne giving it one final look before sheathing his sword. And straightening his coat.

“Tell my brother, his throne and kingdom awaits him” the disgust was barley kept from his voice, but still Prancer held true as he turned and marched out of the Throne Room of Darwheaton Castle, he expected he would never return.



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