Tummy Time Pt Some More

Tummy Time Some More

“I’m just saying, it is real convenient that every time it’s your turn to fetch firewood that is when your goddess summons you” Maul said as he used his hatchet to shave a log into kindling. Curtis looked at his friend sheepishly, the faun guessed that perhaps he was using that excuse a little too often now and that he would ease off

“I cannot control when the Goddess of the Night Wind wishes to see me” Curtis said running his hand through his hair. Maul just shook his head and kept at his work.

“We will need a plan to pass through the Clover Fields” Soaz spoke, her high pitched voice ringing clearly through their little camp “it is infested with gibbering’s”

“I believe the Leprechauns asked for our assistance in retaking their home” Ossawk offered

“I have no desire to fight fields of gibberlings for leprechauns… I say we just take the extra two days and give the entire area a wide berth” Maul offered as he built a small tee pee and began working his flint and steel to light the fire. Curtis scratched his chin for a few moments

“I think the Goddess of the Night Wind would want us to help the Leprechauns… she feels for those fighting for a home” Maul stopped and looked at Curtis

“You think… or she told you? Cause I don’t want to fight a hundred gibberlings over your ‘feelings’”

“I know it is what she wants… if we can help them get a home we need to get them a home… so we fight the gibberlings” Curtis declared. Maul glared at him “What’s your problem anyway, why are you in such a bad mood?” the wild elf tossed his flint aside

“I’m hungry, and the only one trying to get a fire started, and I can’t get a spark to land… so ya, I’m in a bad mood” the wild elf growled

“Oh, why didn’t you say so” Curtis said, snapping his fingers and casting the spark spell… the fire immediately ignited. A deadly silence passed over the group

“How long have you been able to do that?” Maul asked in a forced level tone

“For a while now, it is a low circuit spell, so I can caste it tons of times a day” the faun said with an easy tone

“so all last week when we had no fire cause of the rain and wet wood?”

“Oh ya… I also have a spell that would have dried the wood out….”


Miriel looked at her stomach in awe, it was an odd scene with the bird man and gnome trying to pull the wild elf off the faun. The wild elves hands were wrapped around the faun’s neck while the faun had a look of utter confusion on his face. She shrugged fascinated by the scene and curious how it would play out.


I think Maul is getting jelous that he hasn’t been summoned

Tummy Time Pt Some More

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