Wine Time the Fourth

25th of Reaping 383 ONT, The Underdark below Gibbly Caves, Western Shore, Lyithalus Vinyards, Elven Court, Argyle 1:18am

Please Listen While Reading

Versum looked at his assembled crew. Marscal was working with Barric to fashion more torches, Mordicom and Marald were coiling lengths of rope. As he and Bolgar and Taurcono stared into the caves. They had searched the island for any other caves or openings, to assure this was not a greater attack. They had informed the villagers of what was happening and had them be ready for wounded should they come. Versum had even sent Petra to see if Kreiger was on the island, a wizard would have his uses in this encounter… alas he was not at home, and whatever magics protected his home had spooked Petra worse than the thought of entering the caves after a roper.

“I know not why we are waiting, call the howl, let the hunt commence” Taurcono snarled

“Thesalour requested more time, his mission may require stealth, I do not wish to go rushing in howling and be his undoing” Versum said as his hand patted Rydell who was already in his wolf form, padding back and forth with nervous energy. Versum was no stranger to it, the hunt would be soon, and for all he worried about the situation and knew of its danger, he also craved it, craved to run and be at it. He also knew that this was what his pack needed, a hunt to bond them once more. The primal urge began to swell in his chest, and Versum knew that soon he would need to embrace it or let it take hold fully of him. “Trovel and Hallec, you will stay and watch the cave, assuring nothing comes out…. If the Pack is to Hunt, then we must run first, and their will be little of that in the cave” Versum declared, already pulling his shirt off. A toothy grin came from Taurcono

“AHOOOOOOOO!” He called, shifting as he did into a large wold with light grey fur. Versum quickly shifted as well

AHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The mighty Alpha of the pack let out the long howl, willing or not the other members of the pack shifted the wolves joined his howl


Versum could sense, could smell more clearly the awful stick of the ancient evil…. His ancestors had fought aberrant during the great war… the instincts of purpose swelled in him and the energy forced his paws to action. Like a dart he tore across the beach calling his pack to order… 17 wolves fell into step with him, some taking his flanks others holding the rear, but he was at the point, where he should be. The Alpha wolf turned sharply towards the interior of the island, he would lead his pack on one final sweep of the island, then that was all the time he could buy for the elves, his pack could smell blood and they would have it… roper blood.



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