Aanstine Farphine (Cainia)

A restorer from Cainia


Aanstine Farphine of Cainia is a tall, burly lifelong citizen of few words and many secrets. A half elven gemcutter and jewelry-maker by trade, in youth, she was apprenticed to the legendary Hulgur Yhond, the “jewel-master” who was eventually eaten by a gray render under mysterious circumstances. Aanstine now makes her daily coin running a shop in town that remakes damaged and battered furniture and clothing into newer and more splendid versions, both for hire (restoring specific pieces for clients) and for general sale

Aanstine also maintains a secret profession in her cellar (and in certain caverns and glades in the woods northwest of town). She breeds, rears, and sells toads by the thousands for alchemical and food use, feeding them mainly with insects. She long ago learned that putting out rotting meat and fruit, then moving this muck into screened enclosures after feeding flies have laid their eggs in the rotten mess, generates swarms of flies and attracts all manner of other insects.

Aanstine is a good, fair, and principled woman and one of the best cooks of toad-related dishes anywhere.


Aanstine Farphine (Cainia)

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