Addie "Nan" Fickin (Kez)

A widow in Amberdale


This young women married the love of her life and was blessed with two children, a son (now 10) named Shelton and a Daughter (now 8) named Charlotte. Her husband and father had convinced her to move from Harbinger to Amberdale five years ago, the town was growing and her father, Evard Fickin (kez) had established The Lonely Blossom Saloon there, and he needed help running the place. Times had been hard and they had agreed. Unfortunately they had been attacked on the way and her Husband had been killed trying to save her and her kids.

Since then, she has managed the Saloon letting her father move closer to retirement and made a life for herself in Amberdale she is strong willed and is known to keep a musket under the bar (she swore she would never again be unarmed).


Addie "Nan" Fickin (Kez)

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