Aurellia "Aury" "Serenity" Ouellette (CHelm)

A tall and slender beauty with light blue hair and mischevious eyes


In Sereinty’s Body, In the form of a black kitten with white paws… what does she look like?

Thin and stretched is how most view Aurellia.
Far from a classic beauty, her light rose tinted hair and the faded blue whirl that resembles a gust of wind sitting right below the surface of the pale skin under her right eye tend to denote something of a wrongness to those who stare up close for too long. She wears a wide brimmed hat to avoid making others uneasy. Although she looks like a stiff breeze could carry her away, she is surprisingly agile and capable.
She wears brown leather studded armour, and keeps most of her body covered by her clothes, with only her wrists and hands bare other than her face. There is an identical mark to the one under her eye in the cradle of her thumb and forefinger on her left hand. To most these merely appear to be tattoos.
Beneath her clothing however, her body has more of these light blue gusts decorating the pale skin of her collarbone, breasts, midriff and buttocks, seeming to swirl around her body, and ending on her left ankle. The locations of the gusts are the most sensitive to touch, though she does not know why. She often wears a brown leather glove on her left hand to avoid others touching the tender space there.


Aurellia Ouellette was born in Rehume, the daughter of John and Viola Ouellette. John is a sailor on the Scurvy Naive’s crew, a river ship that mostly runs transport. Viola was an Oracle, known by many as a selfless and spiritual woman, she was compulsed to come to the aid of others whenever asked. Aurellia had a connection to the wind from the time she was born. Her cradle would sway without any breeze, her temper tantrums could cause papers and nick nacks to swirl around her. Her mother called it a gift from the Gods and told her that in time, if she could be patient and learn to control it, her purpose would become clear. When Aurellia was young she spent a lot of her time with her mother, watching her help others and seeing the toll that it sometimes took on her. Aurellia’s older brother Otmar, and younger brother John Jr spent much of their time on the Scurvy Naive with her father, he planned for them to learn the trade early and was determined to see to it that their name was well respected on the water.

Tragedy struck when Aurellia was 7 years old. Her mother answered a knock at the door while they were eating breakfast one morning. Aurellia could tell that something was wrong by the taught, waxy expression on her mother’s face when she returned to the kitchen and told Aurellia to stay at the house and finish eating her breakfast while she took care of something. When Aurellia asked to come with her, Viola told her that she had to help someone, but that it wasn’t safe for Aurellia. She assured her daughter that she would take care of the problem quickly and come right back home, she gave Aurellia a new book to read, The Healer’s Call, and made Aurellia promise not to leave the house.
Her mother never returned. Her father and brothers found Aurellia curled up in her mother’s bed, terrified and hoarse from crying, with the whole room’s contents strewn around her, when they returned to port 4 days later.

With no alternative, John began bringing Aurellia on the Scurvy Naive with him as well. She was a hard worker and won over even the most hardened crew members with her eagerness to learn. Though a lanky, frail looking thing, she grew into a competent strong willed little sailor by the age of 11. For a time, life on the ship fell into a routine that helped Aurellia take her mind off of her mother, she would work cleaning the deck or checking the ropes during the day, then climb the mast and sit for most of the evening with her hair streaming out behind her in the wind. This was where she felt most alive and at piece. It was also where she practiced control over the wind out of the sight of others. (Her father cautioned her that drawing attention to her gift could be dangerous for her.) Though some of the crew objected to a child sitting atop a 40 foot mast, she was an agile climber and her father who had made Captain shortly after the loss of Viola told them to interfere with the choices he made for his children. Aurellia learned to shoot with an old musket of her father’s and some direction from the ship’s first mate. She began to relax into this new life.

Then John Jr fell overboard in a storm at the tender age of 8 and was never recovered. Aurellia began to take on a real understanding of the world then. This was not a safe place where she could count on any constant. Life was a vulnerable thing that could be taken from her at any moment. She doubled her efforts to learn to protect herself, with both the use of the wind and her gun.

After the loss of John Jr, life changed for Otmar and Aurellia. Their father’s grief changed him, and he became distant and hardened to them. Although they both expressed a desire to remain on the ship, John began leaving the teens in Rehume more often than not. Otmar was supposed to be looking out for Aurellia when their father was away, but he turned to the church of Hanzel for solace and Aurellia was left mostly on her own. 12-18 were lonely years for Aurellia. Her caution and aloofness set her apart from her peers, and nothing in Rehume compared for her to the feeling of the air caressing her body as the Scurvy Naive carried her down the river.

She practiced her shooting daily, and even won a Rehume-wide Marksmanship competition at the age of 17. But with no one who cared for her there to see it, the victory was a hollow one. Aurellia spent much of her time sneaking up the masts of ships docked in the harbour, looking out for a sign of the Scurvy Naive’s return, and waiting. Her life lacked passion and purpose, and nearly a decade passed without any excitement. The world was grey and lifeless.

And then one day, she met Serenity Fair (MIA, presumed dead), and everything changed.

Aurellia "Aury" "Serenity" Ouellette (CHelm)

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