Belinda Feather Foot (CB)

A Halfling Quartermaster


3’1, red curly hair, 29 years old, high cheekbones, snappy dresser and a keen intellect


Belinda is the Quartermaster on the The Champions Boot. She has served under Captain Folas Cailana for the better part of seven years and loves him dearly. Belinda tends to ground the good captain, to bring out the best in him. As he has grown more scattered over time, Belinda as worked hard to take more and more off his plate arranging cargo loads, passenger pricing, order supplies and even meeting with the Captain and First mate to discuss which contracts to take and which ones to leave behind.

Belinda was born in Don-Ton to an impoverish family she watched as the city slowly killed her family members one at a time, and vowed to herself that she would not die in that rotting city. she signed on with a ship called the Lily of the Sea and learned the trade, unfortunately after about a year her ship was attacked by pirates, the crew were murdered but as the only female she was taken and kept as a slave. The Pirate ship was fat and should have headed back to port, but when is saw the little River Boat out at sea trying to plod its way back to the river, laden with cargo from High Port, well they could not resist and attacked. Thitmed Ironbraid of Clan Durin was the one who killed the Pirate captain and cut her shackles, she had been brought back on board the little river ship and they nursed her to health and offered to take her home… she had told them she was home and has served loyally ever since.

Belinda Feather Foot (CB)

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