Bjorn Oldvik (Hel)

A Human From the Heldrik Clan


Bjorn used to have auburn hair and hazel eyes, with his great age the colour has drained from them, and most of his hair has receded leaving him bald. When war comes to his people he wears splint mail and wields a heavy mace and javelins, though it has been questioned in the great hall if he still has the strength to wield such weapons. Bjorn has an animal companion, a red fox named Orrir, much like himself with Orrir great age most of the colour has drained from him.


He is known to be a powerful cleric and healer, but his age has made him temperamental, for over two decades he has attempted to train an apprentice, none have lived and he worries that his clan will be left without someone to interrupt the gods wishes should he pass from this realm. His power flows from the Ice Queen Machra, it is very few who have every curried her favour.


Bjorn Oldvik (Hel)

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