Flann Tuama of Clan Silverfish


Flann Tuama of Clan Silverfish breeds tortoises the size of well-fed wolves on his ranch southwest of Pelegious. They are slow but dogged diggers, can be used as draft beasts by those in no hurry to move items from one place to another, and serve as food (yielding “superior” meat that “keeps well if properly prepared,” in the opinion of “Cook to the Wealthy” Loskur Malatharr of Don-Ton).

Tuama tortoises are painted with the Silverfish’s mark, to discourage poaching; they rarely stray from the broadleaf-curved valleys at the heart of his ranch.

This breeder rose to notoriety when it came to light that he’d performed skillful surgery on several of his tortoises to lift plates of their shells so small stolen magic items, royal regalia, and keys could be stored under the shells (the plates were replaced and skillfully fused so they looked undisturbed). The tortoises thus became living, slow-moving hiding-places for some decades; subtle variations in his painted mark told Tuama which tortoise concealed which valuable. This was done for clients who remained anonymous, and they bought ownership of their tortoises, so they could claim them (alive or butchered by them, on the spot) at any time.


Flann Tuama of Clan Silverfish

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