Flitt Fargazer (CHelm)

A Diminutive, Dangerous, Daring Doer of Deeds...


4’2" lbs, greenish grey skin with orange eyes, Flitt is a titan touched Grippli, with 2 scimitars and daggers strapped about his person. With a friendly face and a sparkle in his eye he looks ready for adventure. His once smooth and shiny skin is marred in several places with burn scars attesting to his several run in with explosives and fire.

Flitt definately looks a little odd wearing the Petty Coat of the Key Master (Item), but being that it fits so well and doesn’t impede his duties or even his swimming, he never thinks about taking it off, though he does still cantrip it (and himself) clean daily whenever possible.

His new scimitar, Scimitar of the Key Master (Item) is kept strapped across his back as it is nearly as tall as he is!

Flitt is often seen in the waters alongside the ship working on training and protecting his new and unexpected friend Bitey.


From the time that he spawned in Lake Hekrikkit, Flitt was always fascinated by the ships great and small that sailed in and out of their lake. Even before he had his legs he managed to slip the nets of the nursery and past his spawn mother, Sigli, to get close enough to see the ship hulls before being cornered by the workers and returned.

Once he had his legs his land bound life began in the Grippli village on the shore, but the simple toils that Grippli young are put to in field and town held no joy for Flitt, who as soon as he could began working the docks and lake dredge. He was always full of questions for the sailors who came to port to trade, seeking answers to what lay outside, and what he would need to do to get to join them aboard their great ships.

Eventually he was accepted on as a cabin boy on the Gilded Heron by Captain Hudson Peters, where he first met Ser Thalion (Ilvanya) Alfirin (CB) who was serving as an able bodied sailor. Through misadventures, mistakes and many momentous moments Flitt learned how to fight, work, dance and sail. He befriended the Bosun Lorilee(a gnome who saw innocent young Flitt as diminutive kindred in need of a helping hand) who taught him a particular, fast moving and deadly style of scimitar combat.

Following an explosive run in with the Pirate ship “The Horned Hangman” in which both ships were badly damaged and nearly all the Herons’ crew were killed, Flitt felt for the first time the biological stirrings caused by his first real near death experience; and so prepared to return to his home lake to spawn and mourn his lost friends. Of the crew, only Flitt, Thalion, the Mate Jere and the Powder Monkey Henry survived, and the experience left none of the remaining crew any desire to speak of the events ever again.

Not done with life on the waterways yet, he made plans to meet up with Thalion whom Flitt had learned to respect and trust greatly, in a few months’ time up in Rehume to find a new ship to serve on together.

Flitt Fargazer (CHelm)

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