Folas Cailana (CB)

Captain of the Champions Boot


An Elf of great age Folas has been captain of the The Champions Boot for almost two hundred years, prior to this he captained The North West Feather. Before that he Captained the Eldar Storm but lost it during the liberation of High Port.

During the years -43 ONT to -1 ONT he fought diligently in the protection of High Port, often taking his small skiff the The Pine Needle out to find lost or trapped elves and bring them back to the city for safety. During the Invasion he lost his wife, children and most of his grand children. when the North West Feather sank his lost his grand daughter and only remaining family member.

He is older now, often has trouble channeling energy into his ship, his crew often catch him staring off into the beyond lost in the memories of the past. He has resisted the urge for some time to sail to the undying lands, he feels their is nothing there for him there. Some have suggested he retires, but he has stated time and again that the ship is the only thing that keeps him going. He is known to be good to his crew, but without a keen minded captain the ship has fallen on harder times


5’4 grey hair and grey eyes, pale skin. 936 years of age. often dresses in a loose white shirt and brown breeches. known to be good with a long bow and the rapier

Folas Cailana (CB)

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