Gilan Sprig (Pel)

A Kings Ranger


Gilan or “Gil to his friends” is a Kings Ranger from Pelegious. He is about seven years older than Rand and trained under the same master as him. Gilan is a Highly regarded Ranger and known for being a foremost expert in stealth and camouflage. Gilan is different than most Rangers, because he was born into knighthood, therefore used to formal drills and swordsmanship. He trained with the legendary MacNeil, who was one of Pelegious’s most renowned swordsman. Therefore, Gilan also uses the sword, which is not a common Ranger’s weapon. Gilan is an expert with the blade, he can wield his sword with both his left and right hand. He is also described as dashing, handsome, humorous, slightly unworrying, and unusually tall for a member of the typically short Ranger Corps.


Gilan Sprig (Pel)

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