Hatrutt Nooduleh (CB)

Elderly Gnome Cook


3’1, grey hair, blue eyes, almost four hundred years old


Hatrutt is the cook on the The Champions Boot. He has been with Captain Folas Cailana for almost four hundred years and says he will be there until he dies, Captain Cailana saved his family during the Devil Invasion and smuggled them into the elven city, even when non elves were not allowed. His entire family worked for the Captain for a long time, but saddly due to age it is only him and his brother left. very recently his brother Filistan Nooduleh found he was too old to be at sea and retired in the City of Rehume. Hatrutt is a very accomplished cook and knows what the Captain does and does not like, and how to stretch rations as far as they can go, he is a good hearted fellow, though getting on years and wonders how many voyages he has left in his old bones

Hatrutt Nooduleh (CB)

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