Ishii Ujitomo (FN)

A human farmer


Ishii Ujitomo of Ujitomo Farm, Fire Nation founded, lives on, and singlehandedly runs a large farm along the Hathlyn River (a small tributary of the slow and winding River Hiurk, east of Izumi) on which he rears hippopotami and all manner of giant spiders (in quite separate areas). Nearby farmers mutter darkly that he feeds them on trespassers and anyone who camps too close by night.

They also say he sleeps among the spiders for warmth and protection, is immune to their venoms, and wields some sort of mental control over them. Some farmers even whisper that he mates with some of the smaller spiders in his herd, and subsequently gives birth to scores of their live young by vomiting them forth, but others say this is pure fancy, born of his habit of carrying the tiniest hatched spiders from place to place in his mouth in harsh weather, to protect them as he takes them to shelter (in cracks and crevices in the dry stone walls he’s built all over her farm).

The Ishii hippopotami are quite aggressive, and Ishii allows certain far-traveled traders he trusts to hunt and slay them with harpoons (at their own risk, of course), during annual visits. He maintains smokehouses on the farm, and properly smoked hippopotami meat is said to be wonderful (most roasted hippopotami is anything but).

Ishii is shunned by some. Reliable adventurers have reported all manner of strange beings, from half-orcs to flind and hobgoblins and out-and-out tentacled monsters visiting his farm by night. Some say such creatures camp on his land often, using it as a base for their unsavory dealings in the area. Neighbors warn that such undesirables are particularly likely to be encountered in or near several small (and very decrepit and overgrown) old stone ruins scattered along the verges of Ujitomo Farm.


Ishii Ujitomo (FN)

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