Kellen Wilcorin (Loc)

A Tanner of Locakland Port


Kellen Wilcorin of Lockland port, a former gnomish Rehumite who relocated to the small northerly port after some business dealings in Rehume went awry (and then had rivals and creditors make his continued presence in the city very uncomfortable), operates a tannery in a small bay just south of the main port. His work includes mainly rothe hides, but also oxen, cattle, and deer; the best cured hides are sold to agents of glovemakers in Lockland Keep, but passing traders take all Kellen can supply for general outer garment-making.

Kellen’s Fine Leathers is a ramshackle, untidy cluster of wooden buildings and rusting iron vats and pipes that pump hot water generated by boiling hides into the bay. This practice raises the local water temperature and formerly created a thick algae bloom, but for more than a decade squid galore and in recent years, an increasing number of predatory cold-water octopi that feed on the squid have come to the bay to devour the algae and all manner of sea creatures that feed on the algae, including each other.

The canny Kellen took to drag-netting, penning, and farming the squid and eventually the octopi, selling them as fertilizer when he can’t sell them for higher coin as food. Sometimes he can ask for higher coin still by selling them as live specimens to certain unsavory individuals interested in breeding and magically transforming wild creatures to serve as guardians.

Kellen is a ruthless, calculating individual who’s said to be very good at acting in various roles to dupe other merchants during negotiations. Wealth is what motivates him, but he has come to fear both trade rivals and brigands, and he is constantly strengthening venom-tainted traps, hired guards, and caged bestial guardians in and around his business (he lives in the upper floors of the larger buildings of his tannery).


Kellen Wilcorin (Loc)

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