Loann Rogard (CB) (dead)

Human Bosun of the Champions Boot


6’1, Blond, clean shaven, human, well muscled, somewhat dreamy


Loann is everything you expect in a sailor, From Pirate’s Swoop originally Loan has lived or worked around boats his entire life, he knows how far he can push a boat and what is asking too much. He was brought on to the The Champions Boot recently by Captain Folas Cailana. The Captain said he saw something in Loann, and that the ship needed the help. this went against the advice of First Mate Thitmed Ironbraid of Clan Durin, Loann and he have never really gotten along. but The Captain wants him and Loann is hoping to one day have his own ship, or maybe get Thitmeds job, until then he will do as the Captain asks

Loann Rogard (CB) (dead)

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