Maddax (ELT) (CF)

Goblin Warrior


This Goblin Warrior is the sun of the chief Snolfex ruler of Eltara. Maddex was a Knight and known to have great repute, but lost his knighthood and has yet to earn it back, most recently he and twenty five of his men were captured by Vikar the Black. he in unsure if he will ever make it home

He stands at two feet in height and is muscular for a Goblin. he is a devote worshiper of Gabriel and fluent in many of the worlds tongues… he had studied to become a cleric, but his father had insisted that the family take a marital path in order to better protect their people.

His oldest and best friend was his mount a War Pig named Throax… unfortunately he was lost at the battle of Horgshalt and it is unknown if they will ever meet again.

Maddex prefers to fight with shield and short spear a top his mount, but he has also trained extensively with short sword, sling and hammer


ABle Bodied Sailor on the Ever Moist

Maddax (ELT) (CF)

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