Mandy "Jack" Doyle (CHelm)

Master Carpenter on the Champions Helm


Now 5’4 she has been aged to be about 17 or 18… the young smith seems to have trouble with her new form and suffers from massive mood swings… she is the master Carpenter of the Champions Helm

4’1, 12 years old, red hair, green eyes

Impetuous, might be considered the Smith


Mandy was an orphan in Rehume when Thitmed Ironbraid of Clan Durin adopted her to be a Cabin girl on the The Champions Boot. He felt the Captain could use an aid to help him with the more physical sides of things, and in return the kid would get a decent home… she is a hard worker and seems to enjoy life on the ship, but has only been with the crew for about three months

Mandy "Jack" Doyle (CHelm)

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