Marald (lyc)

A werewold of Lockland


Marald grew up in Lockland. his mother suffered from chonic illness and was tended to at the church of Selwin until it was found out that he was a Lycan, his parents were forced to either shun him or give up care. He wouldn’t have them in that situation so he fled leaving to live on the streets.

Marald had been an avid reader growing up, being keenly fascinated in the writings of the elven philosopher Alduin Zylquinal. he had taken the two books his parents owned when he fled and they have always been his most prized possessions . It wasnt long before he met up with Versum who took him into his pack and gave him the protection he needed to live some semblance of a life


Human 19 years old, 5’11 with red hair.

as a wolf he stands 5ft at the shoulder with tawny brown fur

Marald (lyc)

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