Modwoula Silverthane of Clan Morgrain

A dwarven trapper


Modwoula Silverthane of Skyforge spends much of her time in a particular valley that she tended for decades on the edge of the High Forest, cutting trees and underbrush and encouraging berry-bushes, until the valley became treeless but densely covered in berries. Here she hunts foraging black bears with crossbows and sledges, her bolts tipped with a potent sleep-inducing herbal concoction of her own making. She uses the sledges to drag the bears out of the valley to the forest edge, where they can be efficiently slaughtered and the meat, hides, and organs transported to the Modwoula barn and cottage the near edge of Skyforge Mountain on the Icegaunt River. Cubs orphaned by her hunting she takes in and rears in captivity for live sale to passing traders.

Modwoula also has a sideline business curing bear pelts and remaking them into robes for local clergy of Anamachra. She is a wary, experienced retired adventurer, and those who’ve crossed her say she has man-traps, cached healing potions, and escape routes and schemes at her farm, in the forest valley where she hunts, and at many points along the usual routes she takes between. One merchant of Tukin swore that Modwoula has access to some means of regeneration, because she was once severely wounded and left for dead by brigands, only to reappear hale and hearty as she hunted them down, one after another, and slew them.


Modwoula Silverthane of Clan Morgrain

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