Paprikka Ananke (CF) (Dead)

Elven Magus saved from a fate worst than death seeking to continue her journey to see the world.


Appearance: Deep auburn red hair often braided and draped over one shoulder. A light tan from life on the road and pale green eyes. She stands at an even 5’10” and her thin frame belies the strength that hides within. Lean muscles and a supple body meant for dancing or being adorned with finery for a party is often instead draped in drab colours of brown and black with piecemeal armour protecting what she could without sacrificing her ability to move. The clothing is patched in many places though well maintained and kept as clean as she can given the life of one constantly travelling.

Personality: Young by elven standards she has a wanderlust that put her feet on the path and a sense of determination that has kept her moving forward ever since. She’d rather experience the world than be taught about it and that included her magic. This led to many arguments between her parents and tutors growing up as they had to constantly chase her and return her to her studies from the lands around their simple estate. They still find her mixing of magic and martial skill to be a perversion of the arts. She is eager to prove herself and make a mark on the world that will endure long after she is gone. But she is still learning and unsure of herself much of the time. This she covers with a false bravado and has been heard to proclaim loudly that she is the “Great and Powerful Rikka!” whenever she’s had a few too many drinks.


Background: When asked where home is Rikka always shrugs and points to the lodgings she is currently staying at. After being kicked out of her home and disowned by her family for deciding to pursue a different path for the Arts Rikka really doesn’t like talking about where she is originally from. Instead she focuses on where her adventures and legs have taken her and, most importantly, where she is going. “The past is the past and one cannot change it, better to seek the future and live in the present.” Is one of her favourite sayings.

A few years back her feet took her into the Fire Nation and eventually to a strange temple she’d spied and decided to check out. It turned out to be a Temple of Ymeri and a sect called the Secret Flame. Impressed by the architecture she’d agreed to a tour and in doing so accidentally let slip that she was low on funds and making do with whatever happened her way. Before she knew it she’d agreed to help guard the temple in return for food, lodging and a chance to examine some of their books for new spells. A few months of this and her wanderlust began to assert itself and she went to give her thanks and depart once more for places unknown.

But it seemed Ymeri and the Secret Flame were not done with her for she was offered another assignment to guard a High Priestess as she travelled. Making money and having a priestess on hand to tend to your more serious wounds was not something Rikka could say no to if it meant seeing new places and experiencing more of the world. So, along with a few select others they left the temple to take Kaho Homura wherever it was she suddenly needed to be.

It turned out that trip was going to end tragically soon after arriving in Don Ton. Up until then they’d lost only two of their number but Don Ton proved to be the trap that would kill them all. Or so Rikka thought while fighting for her life. Exhausted with a broken arm and bleeding out she had clutched at her blade and weakly kept it pointed at the remaining group of city guard when he arrived with those cursed black armoured hulks. It was the Duke, Drumpf in all his pinched face and fake haired glory. Her lunge was well short but she must’ve impressed him as the club slammed against the side of her skull for the final thing she remembered was his weasely voice, “Very good, very good indeed. I like her. She has spirit and we need spirit if we are to make Don Ton Great again. Take her…”

That was the last coherent thought she’d had until waking up in the room in the palace with the strangers. One harrowing, life endangering escape later and she stepped foot onto the Champion’s Boot as eager as the others to leave and hoping they take her with them. She felt she’d have nightmares about that armour for a very long time.

Paprikka Ananke (CF) (Dead)

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