Ser Onus Thesalour (STV) (SOT) (DEAD)

an aged elven knight


Onus Thesalour was born -37ONT in Morning Glory. He was born just prior to the D.D.A. invasion, and was carried by his parents all the way to High Port where they fought defending the city from the siege. By the end of the D.D.A. he was already competent with a bow and have been killing imps for years. He had been expected to continue his marital training, in that time every child was being taught martial skills, and squired for Sir Denathor, working with him on the great cleansing of the elven court. For fifty years they toured the elven forests killing demons and aberrants who had holed up when the war ended. Once he had earned his knighthood he had enlisted with the Sons of Treefall, they were taking more active roles in cleansing the elven court. He spent almost two hundred years crawling into every cave and Underground River hunting foul things that tried to pollute the elven lands. It was towards the end of his service that he had met with the illithid, it had been waiting for them and had killed all forty two men in his command. It had dragged him screaming into the deep, it had had its tentacles up his nose and nearly touching his brain when he had gotten lucky. He had wondered the dark for three months, with no light nearly blinded, it had almost killed him, it had wounded his soul but at long last he had returned to sunlight. Cave clearing was off the table for him at that point, he had worked long enough to have his pick of assignments and when a lazy little vineyard wanted a full-fledged knight to protected it from whatever drunkards might cause mischief, well, that seemed like the right job for him,

Thesalour has been working for the Alfirin Family for the past eighty two years, he enjoys his wine, his airy room in the villa and his pipe a great deal, he thinks the vineyard might just be the prettiest place on Argyle, as it is a place where the nightmares rarely visit him. He is paid reasonably for what he does, and asks little of the inhabitants.


Ser Onus Thesalour (STV) (SOT) (DEAD)

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