Ser Thalion (Ilvanya) Alfirin (CHelm)

Androgynous Grey Elf


Captain of the Ever Moist


Thalion comes from the Elvan City of Novarthia.
Raised by parents Ser Ashryn and Delsaran Alfirin, Ze is the youngest of three children, in an uncommonly large family. Thalion followed in Zir Mothers footsteps to becoming a knight, and truly believes that although the elves will become extinct they should never be forgotten by the peoples of Argyle who have benefited from them in countless ways. Ze has decided to go out in the world and showcase zirself as the quintessential Elf. There must be a way to prolong their existence and hiding deep in the court until they can sail away will accomplish nothing.
Thalion’s Birth Name is Ilvanya Alfirin (means perfect flower) Ze grew up in the city of Novarthia (an island south east of the Elvan court)
Thalion is part of the order of Quenya just like Zir Mother
1 older sister named Nueleth Alfirin she runs the vineyard that was left to Thalion, called Lyithalus (worth approx. 800 000 golden leaves)it is a sprawling manor with a small village on the isle of Amyenhone. Onas Thesalour hedge knight (sons of treefall)is the protector of Liythalus. They employ 26 eleves and 54 halflings. Thalion is also looking to hire more staff while out and about.
1 older brother named Folmon Alfirin
Mentor is Pelleas llthodor of the sons of treefall

Ser Thalion (Ilvanya) Alfirin (CHelm)

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