Serenity Fair (dead)

A tall and slender beauty with light blue hair and mischevious eyes


Born to an unwilling mother on board the famous Better Days, Serenity Fair was named by the ship’s captain, Hoccar Quiwynn, and adopted by the crew. She was raised by many hands and is all the more talented for it. She worked as a cabin boy, a deck hand, a cook, but when Arlo Granger taught her to shoot a bow it was clear right from the start that she had a natural talent like no other.

Better Days never took to port for very long, so for Serenity life was truly a journey. Since she was old enough to climb her favourite place to be had always been the Crows Nest. Captain Quiwynn believed she was good luck, he said that Better Days never moved as fast as it did when Serenity was on the lookout.

When Serenity was 25 years old Better Days ran a foul of the Poisoned Grail. They gave the pirates a run for their money, but the Better Days was in rough shape after the encounter. Since the Poisoned Grail had made away with most of their reserve, the crew was forced to spend 6 months in Rehume, working for the funds to fix the great ship that they called home.

It was there, sitting in the Crow’s Nest one day after her shift at Rehume’s fish market, that Serenity first met Aurellia Ouellette (CB) and the course of her life was forever changed.

Serenity Fair (dead)

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