Suli Pondhopper (CF)


At only 1’8" tall Suli easily hides underfoot when she wants to.


Young to leave home, Suli decided she wanted to see the world and stowed away on a ship leaving Hekkrikit. Once the ship reached Lockland and most of the cargo was unloaded the crew found Suli hiding in the hold. Believing it would offend Kelzandri to kill a creature of the water on a ship, they took the high road and simply beat her and kicked her off the ship.

Suli tried to get by in town fishing, but could barely keep herself fed in the over fished waters near port. She did find some success doing odd jobs for the sailors, fishing up dropped items from below the dock, but never enough to get passage out of Lockland..

She spent almost 8 months scraping by in Lockland before Flitt found her in town and gave her a chance to escape the docks and get a solid start to really seeing the world.

Suli Pondhopper (CF)

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