Versum (Lyc) (LOC)

Lycan from Lockland


Versum, born in Lockland, Honastica to Verstine and Summa is a true born were. He was raised in the low district of Lockland where his father worked as a kennel master for Sir Bradford, a Knight of the Crown. Verstine was one of the last “Out” Lycan’s within the city as over the past few decades things had become harder and harder for Lycan’s to survive publicly. Sir Bradford’s family had long worked with Verstine’s and so stable and somewhat comfortable work and living was possible. At age of nine, Versum had been selected to squire for Sir Bradford at a joust when his regular squire had taken ill. Versum had done so well that Sir Bradford agreed to take him on as a full time squire offering six stable years of training. Versum had been very successful during his final tests and was knighted in his sixteenth year making him a Knight of the Crown. Unfortunately that same year Duke Theodoc Lockland, passed a law dictated that Lycan’s were not able to attain the rank of knighthood as their honour in their alternate form could be questioned and could throw doubt upon the entire brotherhood. Sir Bradford argued to Versum that he had already attained knighthood and thus would be fine to continue, but Versum turned in his sword stating that if the knighthood did not wish the support of new Lycan’s there was no place for him within its ranks.

Over the next few years things began to get more difficult for the Lycans, rumors of vampires in the city began to spread though the Knights of the Rose, and Sword seemed to turn a blind eye to it dictating the rumors were unfounded. Three times the Knights of the Crown tried to open investigations, the last time at Sir Bradford led the charges himself after reports that Vampires had attacked Summa and Verstine and had killed his old friend and Master of Hounds Verstine. Sir Bradford scoured the city and many believed his investigation was going to bear fruit when his horse faltered one evening throwing the older knight and killing him. As a tribute to the long serving knight Sir Gibbions, Knight of the Rose took over the investigation, though found little more than circumstance and conjecture and was ultimately forced to close it. After this Versum gathered and rallied the remainder of the Lycan’s knowing that any who were living in the open would attract attention and be attacked or killed by the vampires. He searched the city building safe houses and shelters for his people to live in as he attempts to rid the streets of weapons to hurt his kind while also trying to drive back the vampire threat. This is his tenth year in command of the Lycan’s and times have become very hard for his people, how they will continue, he does not know.


Versum stands at 6’1 in his human form he has blonde hair and blue eyes and a square jaw. He rarely wears clothing as it rips when he shifts and finds modesty a ridicules human trait. He considers himself a man of honor and try’s to live up to the codes taught to him by Sir Bradford as best he can, while also trying to aid and protect his people.

As a Wold his fur is White with Haunting Blue eyes, he stands 6’2 at the shoulder and over ten feet long.


Versum (Lyc) (LOC)

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