Starwall Aftermath

4th of Planting, 383 ONT, Just Outside Selwyn’s Chapple , Starwall Keep, Cainia, 3:13pm

“Well, I must say I am surprised, it appears that your slobbering hoard is indeed useful Mr. Rothhand” General Jubal Forester in a conversational tone as he assessed the nearly unrecognizable Starwall Keep. The gnoll War Chief of Mailks Mauraders glowered at the General but said nothing. General Forester sniffed the air “OOoo, what are you boys cooking?” the said

“Humans” the Gnoll growled, but if he had hoped to unsettle the General he was sorely disappointed

“well, yer boys must know how to do it right. Smells an awful lot like chicken… My Daddy had a terrible fondness for chicken, developed his own special recipe, with eleven different herbs and spices, I say, I say it was fine eating for sure”

“Did your ‘Daddy’ enjoy war as much as chicken?” the gnoll snarled in curiosity

“Well, he was a Colonel for a time, but I can’t say his heart was in it, poor Ol’ Daddy was a simpler man, but I digress and I suppose we still have business to attend. I have a team heading through the remains here to see if there is anything our employers are wanting. Once their done, you and your boys can have anything that’s left. Collect your due, then have your boys wipe this stain from the beautiful land, I say, I say I want no two bricks left a touching if you catch my meaning.

“Yeesssss General” the Gnoll slobbered “Buttssss we have one problem… we have tries to desecrate the chapel here, but none of my men can hurts it” General Forester turned to appraise the small chapel his hand scratching his beard

“Magically protected you say? Well isn’t that a horse of a different colour?… Well I would recommend trying fire, it has always been a favorite of mine, but if that doesn’t work, have your giants bury in such a manner that it wont be easily found, I don’t need this to become a rallying point later for any misguided renegades… hmmm… a magic chapel indeed” Forester said as he walked off inspecting the rest of what was once Starwall Keep

The Fall of Starwall Keep

4th of Planting, 383 ONT, Holy Chapel of Selwyn, Starwall Keep, Cainia 1:23am

“They have broken through the outer wall sir; the keep is under direct siege. Goblins, Ogres and Gnolls for the most part sir, but we believe they have a hill giant as well” the guardsmen said to his lord. Baron Rueben Forbes looked up at him from his kneeling position and took the guardsmen’s hand.

“What is your name solider?” he asked, his voice light

“Edward sir,” the man asked, confused as to what was happening

“Sit with me Edward, join us in prayer” he ushered to the many families huddled in the room around him. Edward dusted off his knees and joined his Baron before the alter of Selwyn “They have the power of necromancy on their side…” he said to the group assembled “I am afraid I have failed you all…. I cannot protect you from this onslaught, I cannot save your lives… but now the stakes have grown, and I battle for your very souls” He took a few breaths allowing his words to sink in “I am not a priest, I regret that now, for I can now see that the lady of divinity had tried to steer me on a course that could have saved us, I ask hers and your forgiveness.” He stood and turned to the alter his voice rich in timber as he spoke solemnly “Dearest mother, my redeemer, I wish to confess my mistakes. I deserted you, I passed judgment where it wasn’t my right to do so. Liberate me of my darkness, relieve me of my demons. Show me mercy so I may feel the warmth of your light once more.” The words said a small gleam of silver light arose on the alter and he turned towards those assembled. “She has not abandoned us as I did her. Any who make amends for their transgressions and die on these holy grounds will be protected from the curse of necromancy, your soul will be safe here.” He turned to Edward “Gather all that are left, bring them here with what weapons we can muster, here in her hall we shall make our last stand, and make them pay for every inch they take. Blessed be our Lady in White, may her vengeance rain down upon our enemies”

Edward gathered those remaining as they fled into the chapel, pulling food stores and weapons with them. The doors were bared as the snarls of the beasts outside grew loud. Reuban looked at his people and did all that was left, he put down his sword and picked up his fiddle and began to play

Please Listen While Reading

The enemy hammered at the walls of the chapel, but those inside heard none of it. His fingers danced along the ancient hymn to the holy goddess. And as the beasts struck harder and banged louder so to did his fury and tempo increase. A blinding series of notes flew from his fiddle extending the illusion of peace for every precious second, he could. At long last the door began to splinter. The people of Starwall took up arms around their Baron as he continued to play. They watched as the blood oak door slowly, grain by grain, splinter by splinter gave way to the waiting monstrous hoard outside. Whether by luck, divine providence or some other alignment of the stars the door held until the last note was played, and as if on cue, the doors burst forth. A waiting group of savages standing, muzzles frothing with excitement and fury. Rueben Forbes, 5th son of Caleb Forbes and Baron of Starwall Keep caste aside his fiddle and drew forth his rapier as he spoke his final words

“My Lady has set the floor and played the music, it would be rude not to dance” with that the hoard rushed forth and battle was joined

So Passed Rueben Maurice Forbes, Baron of Starwall, Prince of Cainia

Aderaid Aftermath

3rd of Planting, 383 ONT, Edge of Fruyhn Forest, 3:23pm

Please Listen While Reading

General Jubal Forester rode forth on his grey mare. Assembled on the cusp for the forest were some twenty mounted Wing-Ti Mercenaries from the Order of the Black Arrow. Among them as their Kyaputen, Konno Yoshiki. Why he insisted on fighting on the front line, the General would never understand, but all the same it was convenient that he was here now.

“Kyaputen…” he said with a friendly incline of his head as he brought his mare to a halt “well I do, I say I do believe that this is indeed a dandy day for a victory, Congratulations Konno-San; for a while there I thought we would have to spend another dreadful night at this; I am pleased that I was incorrect in such matters”

“Many Thanks General Forester” Konno replied in a stiff Wing-Ti Accent “This is where the people entered the forest, I have a few scouts pursuing, but many among them are loggers and I fear traps should we pursue on horseback”

“I see, I say, I do see the trouble… now I suppose we could call them elves down here, and they’d be all quick and pretty about huntin down these fine fleeing folk; but to be honest, and I like to think I am an honest man, I am disinclined, I say disinclined to wait around that long, those elves are likely a few days away, and that Forbes fellow, well he tried my patience when he threw his garbage on me and the men back there”

“You wish my men to pursue then General?” Konno asked, his tone one of annoyance. If that bothered the General he did not let it show

“You know Kyaputen…” Forester said as he pulled out a handkerchief and began to polish a smear that had appeared on his saddle horn “My Daddy used to have a lovely cabin in the Loneshire Mountains… wonderful place, spent a fair shares of my youth catching trout in the streams just out his front door… but seems like it wasn’t just us who liked the cabin, oh we had a terrible problem, I say terrible preoblem with rats. Now Daddy loved that cabin, so he set traps, he bought cats, and he worked hard to drive them pesky creatures out in hopes to enjoy the place again… for the last years of his life Ol’ Daddy fought valiantly against the rats, but he could never catch them all, and so they always, I say always came back. Now, I say, after my Daddy passed away the Cabin was passed on to me, and I had inherited this war with the rats you see… and you know what I did to take care of them?” he looked hard at the Wing-Ti Soldiers and on the jovial conversational lightness dropped from his tone and his voice turned to a harsh whisper “I burnt it to the ground, and when the rats came racing out I killed them to. Get the oil and powder… Burn them out!" he let that hang in the air for a moment "send riders to circle to the far side of the wood… no one makes it to Dragnye, not alive anyway” he finished with a chilling chuckle. Konno nodded offering a bow before issuing orders to his men. “Once your men are underway Kyaputen, come find me in Aderaid, let’s see if these folks left us anything civilized to drink while we discuss the next movements of our campaign.”

With that the General turned his mare around and began a slow trot back to the still open gates of Aderaid.

The Fall of Aderaid

3rd of Planting, 383 ONT, Eastern Battlements, Aderaid, Cainia.

“My Lord, we cannot hope to hold them much longer, you have served your uncle well, we must retreat” Sir Jaxen cried as a section of wall shuddered under the steady cannon fire from their enemies. Baron Harvey Forbes looked out at the assembled enemies below. They were mercenaries, The Order of the Black Arrow, and had brought maybe five hundred men to take Aderaid. He had done a worthy job keeping them at bay for the last two weeks, but now his foe held good firing position and had brought canons that would soon destroy his stone walls. He had maybe thirty fighting men left, it wouldn’t be long now. The Baron turned to his friend and loyal knight Sir Jaxen

“Elizabeth and the kids?” he asked

“They are with the reminder of the citizens, ready to make haste for Fruyhn Forest, from there they can attempt to get to Dragnye Hold, your father will know what to do” The walls shuttered again under the onslaught, the knight looked to his Baron “Sir, you should be with them, they only have ten men as escort surly…”

“If we go…” Harvey cut the knight off “… then these bastards will swarm the walls and overrun us before we can make the woods, that’s over a hundred people there, most on foot… no, have my soldiers load the last of the armaments in the catapults, I don’t care if we are throwing desks and beds at them, anything of weight have them loaded, all remaining crossbows pre-loaded and at the wall… we will throw everything we have at them for as long as we can, we buy our wives and children a shot at life… I will gladly pay that cost with my own… will you?” The knight’s chest swelled with pride as he stood a little straighter, he had mentored Baron Harvey since he was twelve and at this moment he could not be prouder of the man he had become, he put a hand on the Barons shoulder and looked him in the dark grey eyes

“You know I will Sir… you know I will” with the moment quickly passing Sir Jaxen turned and began to shout orders. The men jumped to hauling old dressers and filling pots with knives, forks, hot oil and even salted pork… whatever they could muster. The walls shuttered under the constant force of the cannon barrage, large chunks of granite began to fall away to the ground, the defenses of Aderaid had maybe hours left in it.

“Sir Jaxen, open the western gate, have the evacuees make all haste for Fruyhn!” The Baron yelled. The Western gate opened and the procession hurried out, muffled cries of children sounded as women and elderly clutched felling axes and tools to defend should the unfortunate come upon them; there were no ‘non-combatants’ in Aderaid these days, every person had held to the defense, and these stalwart people knew they were far from free of danger. “FIRE!” the Baron ordered his soldiers. The twang of crossbows rang in the air as the two large catapults released their payloads. The Baron ran down the battlements picking up a crossbow, firing it and tossing it aside looking for another loaded one. For maybe ten minutes they put up a fight felling two for every one that they killed before their ammunition ran out.

“Sir…” a solider ran forward “Riders circling on the northern bluff, they have noticed our people and are moving to intercept” Harvey ran with the young man to the Northern Wall to see for himself.

“Then Selwyn has truly turned away from us” he said, the last hope of life leaving him. He took a long deep breath and turned back to his ragged team of soldiers, of which he had maybe sixteen left “I had hoped that once our families were safe, we might take the last of the horses and make our escape my friends…” He said, ignoring the palisade that exploded ten feet behind him. “… This is not the fate that gods have chosen for us, there are maybe fifty horses that ride even now, and will surly reach our host before they make it to the safety of the forest” he saw the fear and despair set across him men, they were good boys and girls, they had served him well, and he had hoped he could have given them a chance… that was gone now. He took a deep breath, trying to remember the words of his cousin Reuben in times like these “Blessed are those who Sheppard the innocent, may it be known that the wings of Selwyn will take those who die for the noblest deeds onto her heavily thrown, and they shall want for nothing for evermore!” he quoted loudly “I don’t know about you… but that sounds pretty damn good to me, Doesn’t it?” there were a few assents from those surrounding him, he pushed forward with it, shouting to be heard over the din of cannons and muskets “WE HAVE BEEN GRANTED A GIFT, A FREE RIDE ON WINGS OF GOLD TO THE HEAVENS AND ALL WE MUST DO TO EARN THAT GIFT IS KILL THESE BASTARDS WHO DARE TO THREATEN OUR HOMES, OUR HEARTHS AND OUR LOVED ONES!” There was a stronger cry of resolve from his solders, again he pushed onwards “WE ARE THE WARRIORS OF CAINIA, LET US SHOW THEM WHAT IT MEANS TO CROSS BLADES WITH MEN ON HONOUR! WILL YOU RIDE WITH ME?” the roar of his people deafened the next blast. He raced from the battlements his warriors hot on his heels and threw himself onto his noble steed, Tambourine. He petted the stallion lovingly one last time before putting spurs to him flying out the western gate, turning slightly north to charge the fifty oncoming riders. As he rode he let out a single slow prayer “Please Selwyn, let them make it to the Forest, let them make it”

And so passed Baron Harvey Andrew Forbes of Cainia

Crew Dayz pt 1

1st of Planting, 383ONT, Champions Boot, 4:23pm

Captain’s Quarters

Paolo stuck his tongue out in concentration as he carefully placed the tiny silver fork closest to the plate, he looked up at Bosun Fargazer, nervously. A long silence passed between the two before Flits face split into a large smile.

“You got it Paolo; that was a perfect setting, excellent job!” Flitt said enthusiastically. The boys face exploded into a large grin at the praise. Flitt was proud, Paolo had not exactly taken to this naturally, and attention to detail had needed to be drilled in repeatedly, but at long last his hard work appeared to be paying off. “Leave the settings out for supper” Flitt said glancing over at the water clock in the corner of the room “we can practice more tomorrow, for now head downstairs and report to Sir Thalion, he mentioned he needed you back for more measurments”

“Aye Aye Mr. Fargazer” the boy said, Flitt was happy to see a proper salute this time as the boy scampered off.

Front Starboard Oar Bay

Prancer’s sword worked in furious little circles as he shuffled forward and back, he was coated with a thick sheen of sweat but still he pushed onward, throwing his sword at one point and having his rope arm retrieve it for him while he continued moving. He finished a specific maneuver and as he thrust he whispered some simple words

“Master Bhatia, My name is Harold Forbes, you are the man who killed my father; prepare to die” he offered a few more thrusts finishing the complicated manure. As he finished his routine he huffed and puffed “What do you think?” he asked turning to Miriel. The strix looked up from her belly to the sweaty swashbuckler.

“I am sure you slew all you imaginary enemies satisfactorily” she said in a tone of minimal interest inciting a glower from Prancer

“I am practicing, I will need to be perfect once we reach Cainia if I am to defeat Bhatia and the Omaru”

“I don’t see a need to get worked up, the Omar people will die, everyone else we have faced in battle has; I see no reason for this to be different” Prancer stared at the women of his dreams and shrugged. There was no arguing with her pragmatism so why bother. It was times like this that he wanted to drop to his knees again and beg her to marry him, but he steeled his will. She was the daughter of a powerful Jairi in Edheren; he was a one armed orphaned sailor, now with no prospects or homeland. If he were to convince his goddess to marry him he would need to be worthy of her, he would remove the Omar occupants from his land, would exact vengeance on them and show that he was still able to be a battle hardened warrior worthy of her, then, maybe then he would bend a knee once more and hope he had not lost his chance. He took two steps forward and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead before returning to his practice point to restart his training, he would avenge his father and be worthy of her, even if he needed to train all day and night for the rest of his life.

“Master Bhatia, My name is Harold Forbes…”

Cargo Hold

“… and that crate makes another 150 prewrapped bandages, there” Belinda called as she climbed out from behind a stack of crates “did you get all that Ceilia?” there was a long silence “Ceilia?” Belinda climbed out from behind the crates only to see Ceilia doodling on her inventory sheet. The Quartermasters face turned red as she saw that her last half hour of calling out items had not been recorded “CEILIA!” she called causing the girl to jump up startled

“Sorry Ms. Featherfoot, I guess my mind kind of drifted a little there, uh…” she looked down seeing how far off she was and blushed embarrassed “I guess we can start again?” she offered with a helpless shrug. The Halfling women looked as a giant in those moments, the wrath and anger of a sore and tired pregnant women about to unleash on her… Ceilia flinched as the Quartermaster made efforts to visibly calm herself before speaking

“Unlike some people on this ship, I don’t actually have all day to work on this… Ceilia, go find the Bosun and inform him that I have assigned you to switch duties with Maddox for the next few days, have the swab report to me immediately, perhaps he is more competent then my sailor” the words were dripping with venom… Ceilia was well abashed and looked like she may cry, but the tears had no effect on the officer. The half elf hung her head in shame and walked out of the cargo hold.

Mess Hall

“Thanks for sitting with me Ms Doyle, Robinson… can get kinda lonely in here, and I’ve been meaning to get to know you better” Willhym said as he picked up a potato and a knife to begin peeling it. Apparently he had been just a little too sarcastic with the First Mate and was now told to peel three bags of potatoes

“No Problem at all, no one ever invites me to hang out with them” Mandy said excited as she sat across from them. Robinson just smiled, enjoying some down time

“So tell us a story Robinson, one from the Don-Tonian Navy Days” Willhym implored

“Well I could tell you about my time on the Bone Spur, when we were chasing pirates along the haggard end coast” he said scratching his jaw

“OOO… that sounds exciting!” Mandy said enthusiastically, unconsciously picking up the extra knife and potato that Willhym had ‘happened’ to leave in front of her spot.

“Well, there we were, the Pirates had been harassing merchants coming in and out of NOula, and we were sent to sink them, we caught sight of them just as they were heading for the Spotmark islands… their was a storm coming in and if they made the island chain before us we would lose them for sure… The Captain was set on putting an end to this that day…”

“Robinson would you mind passing another potato” Willhym interrupted, Robinson looked down, he hadn’t noticed before that the bags were beside him and not Willhym. He reaced in and passed a few to Willhym, then saw Mandy peeling away and passed her a few more… feeling suddenly guilty he pulled out his knife and grabbed a few potatoes himself.

“I was on the foredeck manning the bow sail, so I had a great view of the entire thing…” he continued

Thalions Quarters

Thalion pulled the measuring tape back from Rikkas back noting down the final adjustments

“That should do great Rikka, we should have your uniform ready by the end of the week” the elf smiled offering a small nod as she exited the Mates Quarters. Thalion turned to Urden and smiled once more at him as he held a comically small shirt in his hand and had a needled between his pursed lips as he concentrated on Tar-Di’s uniform. “Thank you again for offering to help Urden, this will go much faster with your aid” the large man finished what he was doing and looked up with a big grin

“It is my pleasure Master Thalion, to be granted the privilege to garb others, to shelter them from the elements… there is no higher honour” the two nodded in mutual assent, quickly falling into a routine of drinking tea and sewing uniforms.

Making Friends

35th of Readying 383ONT, Foredeck of the Champions Boot

Willhym looked over at Baker and Robinson as they prepared for Aurellia to take them through the loading regime once more.

“Robinson will collect the ammunition he is the loader; Baker will operate the ram rod; and Willhym will measure the powder and sight it in… any questions?” they shook their heads as the Master Gunner as she prepared to run them through it.

“Master Gunner?” the voice came from behind, it was Bosun Fargazer “Officers are needed on the Bridge” he continued. Aurellia looked over the men as she grabbed her pack

“Mr. Tyre, please run them through a loading three times… do not fire, just load and unload”

“Aye Aye Master Gunner” he said with a relaxed salute and a wink… he was rewarded with her rolling her eyes and walking off to follow Flitt.

“Mr. Tyre… Load my cannon” Baker said in a mocking voice after she left

“Trouble with Ouellette?” Willhym asked

“Now guys, let’s just finish our exercises” Robinson said

“No trouble…” Baker threw back ignoring Robinson “Someone just seems to enjoy taking orders from the woman” he said. Willhym raised an eyebrow before responding

“You don’t?” he asked

“No!” Baker said in a hurry “Women shouldn’t be in charge”

“HA!” Bakers face began to turn red as Willhym laughed in face “You poor fool…”

“You some kind of women lover?” Baker growled, it was hard for Willhym to suppress a snicker as he responded

“Yes… absolutely…" Baker face turned red at the jab as Willhym continued "… I say promote them all Craw, every last one of them… nothing hotter then saluting a lady in power… they always get me standing at attention” he elbowed Robinson as he spoke, both he and Craw looked distinctly uncomfortable, if that bothered Willhym he didn’t show it “If you haven’t gotten a blow job from a superior officer… well Craw you’re just letting the best in life pass you by” his eyes drifted toward the Master Gunner climbing the ladder up to the Bridge and nodded to himself. Craw interrupted whatever daydream he was having

“That’s just wrong, this whole thing is wrong” Willhym fixed him a long stare and nodded sagely

“I get it… you’re sly… you’d rather just a ship full of fellows… well if that’s what floats your boat I suppose that’s fair and all”

“I really think we should be loading the Bombard” Robinson added in again, sounding worried about how this was escalating he reached a large lead ball and hefted it trying to encourage them to follow suit

“You calling me Sly… I’ll kill you for that, women don’t belong on a ship, that dosn’t mean i don’t want to sleep with them… I ought to cut that tongue out of you stupid face…” the rage in Bakers face showed he was not kidding as he whispered the threat and leaned over the Halfling menacingly, Bakers hand was drifting towards the large knife at his belt


Baker gulped in surprise at how fast that pepperbox sprung from the Halfling’s hip and was jammed hard into his belly, all mirth had vanished from Willhyms eyes and now he was met with a deadly serious gaze, the kind of gaze that said he didn’t care what happened next… the halfling would be fine

“Ok, let’s do this Baker… I’ll be your huckleberry.” Willhym said is a long slow drawl as he pushed the gun into Bakers ribs, surely leaving a bruise

“Gentlemen… let’s not do anything hasty… let’s all calm down” Robinson said, worry evident in his voice

“Nothin hasty needs be done, I thought we was having a chin wag, but this fellow here wanted a duel instead… I loves me a good duel… are we dueling Craw? Are we” he jabbed the barrel again to accent his point, Craw grimaced knowing if he moved at all to stop the Halfling the trigger would be pulled and he would be dead.

“Baker didn’t mean anything by that… he was just joking Willhym, Bakers a real joker… aren’t you Baker?” Robinson offered, trying desperately to defuse the situation… eight officers on the ship and of course none could be found when you needed one

“Oh… my bad… were you joking Baker? were you?” Willhym asked in a thick tone of sarcasm. Baker said nothing but nodded his assent. Willhym continued “HA… HA… HA…” he said the words with no tone of jest. He said them abnormally loudly giving a little chill to the air. “My bad…” his pepper box made a click as he uncocked it “we still don’t know each other yet… I didn’t know you were joking” and like that the gleam of mischief returned to his eyes “Friends?” he said holstering the pepperbox and holding out his hand with a ridiculously friendly tone. Baker looked enraged but Robinson elbowed him hard in the back

“Friends” he murmured through gritted teeth

“I’m so glad” Willhym said the sarcasm back… “Now load the fucking cannon asshole"

Go Fightin Banana Slugs



The Bosuns Heaviest Duty
Written and prepared to be sent from next major port.

6th of Readying, 383ONT

Dear Mr. and Ms. Riley

I regret to inform you that your son, Horatio Riley, has perished in honourable duty on the Champions Boot protecting the vessel from a dangerous local creature. Your son only served with us for a short time, but performed his duties with skill and valour, and was quickly becoming a valuable member of the ship. his loss will be keenly felt on our vessel and we mourn along with you.

In the attached package are his possessions from aboard ship, his pay accrued including his danger bonus and Death Gratuity, and his mouse, Mousekins -would-be-safer-staying-on-the-ship-as-it-would-not-be-safe-posting-a-small-mouse-and-its-best-mousekins-stays-on-the-ship-rather-then-being-sent-away-just-now.


Flitt Fargazer
Bosun, Champions Boot

Cainian Politics

9th of Readying 383ONT, Darwheaton Castle, Sivia Province, Cainia

King Caleb Forbes sat beside his beautiful Queen Sara in the throne room of Darwheaton Castle. The room, resplended in polished marble was a mark of beauty that had never dulled. It was said that the Empress of the Dwarven Empire had beseeched her favoured craftsmen to aid in the construction of the palace as a gift to one of their ancestors for services during the great war. Now almost four centuries later the room looked almost as new as the day it was finished. The ancient doors to the throne room stood eighteen feet tall, with ceilings that ran near twenty five feet, the room was meant to inspire awe and allow even the largest of allies room to stand comfortably. Two foot soldiers is tabards of blue and white opened the door as a frilly shirted man with a tri quarter hat entered and spoke.

“My King, My Queen, may I present to you Master Markandeya Bhatia, voice of the House of Omar” the man stepped aside to present a tan skinned human wearing a turban of mustard yellow and robes to match. He had a red sash with writings that were not common for this land and walked with a stiff backed poise. Behind him came to men, each wearing a bright silver breastplate trimmed in gold, with blue turbans and large brown baggy pants. Master Bhatia approached the thrones stopping at the traditional ten foot mark and bowing deeply.

“King Forbes, the beautiful Queen Forbes I am humbled but the most welcome reception I have received, the civility and customs of Cainia rival that the hospitality of Queen Theiraqule herself.” The Queen smiled as the King began to speak

“Why thank you Master Bhatia, I must admit we are curious, we have heard rumors from our neighbors in Glandora and Pritus, but nothing substantiated”

“Well my devout King, it is my hope that we can all walk away with equitable fortunes today.” He paused bringing his hands in front of him and touching each finger to their counterpart. “The Masters of Omar Trading have purchased the country of Rynus. It has even now been renamed OMARU”

“Purchased the Country?” The Queen whispered trying to grasp what the man was speaking of.

“Indeed my lady, we would also like to put forth the same offer to Cainia. Omaru would like to expand its borders and to do so it would humbly offer 4.6 million Golden Dwarven Crowns. By our calculations more than thrice what your country is worth.” There was a long stunned pause at this. Master Bhatia fidgeted with his fingers for several heartbeats before he once again spoke. “I can see that this will take some time and thought, I will retire to my quarters while you discuss and come to a…”

“No… thank you”

“Excuse me Sire, No?” Master Bhatia replied seeming somewhat surprised by the hasty response from the King.

“No, there is far more to ruling than wealth, and as my father always told me ‘King’s are here to serve the people’ What kind of King would I be if I sold this land and left them without leadership or governance? The Gods themselves selected my family to rule this land, one cannot sell divine providence” The King rose from his throne and stepped down, to approach Master Bhatia “I respect your desire to rule a large kingdom, but perhaps we should turn our conversation on how we can be good neighbors and trading partners…”

“Besides…” the Queen piped in from her throne “Ruling Cainia would only split your Kingdom, you have all of Glandora, and a large part of Pritus between us” the King smiled to his wife and turned a head back to the Omaru nodding that she was correct, he was surprised to see that Master Bhatia was shaking his head however.

“I am afraid that this is no longer the case. You see we have made similar generous offers to both Glandora and Pritus, sadly they refused our offers, and a declaration of war occurred”

“War?” the King and Queen spoke in unison, the Kings face clouding.

“I’ll warn you before we continue, that we have a mutual defense pack with Glandora, they are old allies to Cainia, and if you make war on them; Cainia can and will come to their aid”

“My King, I am impressed, the honour of Cainia is indeed irrefutable… but alas you need not worry about such things… Pritus was eliminated as a country four days ago, Glandora was defeated yesterday, their lands now all belong to the great nation of Omaru” the King took a large step back as he tried to process what he was being told… Glandora was not one of the great nations, but they kept a decent standing army, a well-trained militia and were known to have wizards on their side… to just be gone, without word even making it to Cainia, it was neigh impossible to imagine. “Please, Noble King Forbes, take some time and consider our offer, it is for the best for your people and your family. I would hate for war to come to Cainias shores and hills: Master Bhatia turned to leave, but then as if as an afterthought added “But, if it should, please know that I have twelve warships that are mere hours from your harbour, and six thousand men amassed along your boarder ready to race across your land and wipe you from it. I would not wish such things on your peasants King Forbes… what kind of leadership would that be” with this Master Bhatia turned and began walking back to the great doors of the throne room. He made it maybe three steps when he felt a hand on his shoulder and was roughly spun around.


The Kings Sword, Zor’Tekken, Forged in Skyforge, infused with magic from the Mage Knights of Old, gifted to the family by the Great Goddess Selwyn; was ripped from its sheath and placed to Master Bhatia’s throat.

“Listen here Bhatia. I have invited you here as a guest, let you into my home and treated with you in good faith, I will not be threatened in my own throne room. My Kingdom, The Kingdom of Cainia is not for sale, and I do not care how many men or ships you have, I will not be scared into giving it to some soulless company. Take your entourage here and be out of my kingdom by sundown… let your masters know that if it is war they want, then war they shall get, and I will meet them on the field of battle… now go!” As the King gave the final order he pulled the sword back from the man’s throat and lowered the tip to the floor, nodding to his men to open the doors and see the visitors from his Castle.

“As you wish King Forbes… Such a pity” Master Bhatia said, as he prepared to leave however he pulled a needle from his sleeve and flicked it at the king, stinging him in the neck

“What! What trickery is this?” the King said taking a step forward and raising his sword, but as he tried to he found the strength drain from his body, he fell to the ground, finding no strength in his lungs to pull in air. He could hear the Queen scream, could see in his peripheral vision his men rushing to battle Bhatia’s body guards. Bhatia walked up to him and reached down

“Far too fine a sword to be wasted on a Penny King” but as he reached for it his hand passed through the hilt. “interesting… your sword doesn’t like me… this is gruesome work I suppose” Bhatia said as he pulled a curved dagger from his other sleeve… the King felt nothing as he watched his sword hand be hacked off… watched in horror as Bhatia reached down and picked up his hand, and used the hand to pick up the sword. His vision was clouding now as he heard the Queen cry out in anger and watched Bhatia turn and block her rapier with his bloody curved blade. He felt nothing, his body was in a void; slowly everything just went dark as the world seemed to drain away from him.

And so passed the 29th King of Cainia

A Day on the SHip PT more

6th of Readying, 383ONT, Champions Boot, Mess Hall, 5:36pm

The music thrummed as Robinson played his accordion and Maddax drummed on the table. The mood was boisterous. Hatrutt had begun the festivities by announcing bottomless pasta for dinner. That made any sailor happy, but to top it off he announced a doubling on the rum ration as per the Captains orders. Well fed and a little buzzed it hadn’t taken long for the music to come out. Prancer had hopped up on the table and began to dance kicking his legs to the beat as he jumped up and down. Rikka had joined in with spins and summersaults and from there a one ups battle had begun that resulted in Baker juggling two forks and a knife while Miriel summoned creatures to join the music or dance. As Hatrutt worked his way through the room carrying a large pot of pasta and dropping large helpings of thirds and fourths in to various bowls he called the rambling group to order.

“Listen Up! Listen Up! The Captain has asked me to let you know that this feast is a thank you for your hard work over the past few months, and a token of his appreciation. He has also assured that the officers know that tomorrow morning will consist of mandatory duties only, so you can feel free to rest easy and regain your strength…” he was interrupted to a loud ramble of cheers. Hatrutt waved them down. “also… in honour of Prancers Birthday… I have made cookies for you, one each, so pass them around fellas’” Hatrutt placed the plate on the table and was wise enough to jump out of the way as the sailors scrambled over each other for the fresh baked cookies. Seeing things were going well Hatrutt headed back to the kitchen as he heard Robinson start singing and others chime in

Please listen here for Robinsons song

Things were starting to get back to normal on the ship.


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