Contruction begins

30th of Harvester, 383 ONT, Valorhand Ship Yards, Highport, Elven Court

Mandy stood with Taaj overlook the empty space that would be the Champions Helm. There were eight dozen shipwrights that were brought together under the Master Shipwright Ashryn Daehorn. She was unsure what kind of favours the Captain had needed to pull to not only to allow her within the elven ship yards but to let her apprentice and work directly under the Master Shipwright. Mandy would witness every aspect of this Ship being pieced together from beginning to end, it was the experience of a lifetime.

Troubles Below

24th of Harvester, 383 ONT, The Dryest Pub the City of Uwth, Below the Sorbithan Bay of High Port, Argyle.

“Thank you for seeing me on such short notice Saint Fargazer” The merman named Frell said, greeting the Grippli and ushering him to have a seat within the Tavern.

“Not at all, as I said I am happy to help with the clean up wherever I can” Flitt offered flagging down the pretty undine waitress and ordering a snack of seaweed and shrimp.

“Well we have a doozy for you, the flood brought many different types of destruction upon us, and the latest seems to be causing all forms of havoc” Frell said. Flitt ushered him to continued. “You see, it appears the great waves pulled a nasty creature into the island chain, one that belongs only in the deepest darkest places?”

“Some form of Megalodon?” Flit asked understanding the nature of the request.

“I am afraid not so simple,” Frell said shaking his head in regret “We do not know what the creature is, but I sent an entire mounted squadron to shepherd it from the land or kill it if they must… none returned. Scouts tried to get visuals on the creature but have yet to see it… it has attacked several refugee centres and a small fringe village. In total I have lost almost two hundred people to it, and I still don’t even know what it is. Our wizards and clerics have their hands full with the rebuilding efforts, and what forces I am not using are being requisitioned by High Port. I was hoping

“I’ll look into it for you” Flit said with confidence” Frell gave him a warm smile

“I’m not sure how much I can pay you, I’m sure I can do something, but with the wave and all…” Frells voice fell away as he looked down ashamed

“I said, I’d look into it, don’t worry about it… Bitey and I have been meaning to get in a little bonding time, this will be good for that” The merman looked at the Grippli in disbelief but quickly shook his hand as he gushed his gratitude

“Thank you Saint Fargazer… Thank you”

Letter to Arch Magus Erindale, from Aurellia Ouellette

24th of Harvester, 383 ONT

To: Arch Magus Erindale, Master of the Tower of High Sorcery, High Port

From: Aurelia Ouellette, Holy Instrument of the Goddess of the Knight Wind, 2nd Mate of the Champions Fist

Arch Magus Erindale, I trust that you are well. It was a pleasure to see you at Sir Maddox’s knighting ceremony.

Though I can understand your desire for the great statues of the pantheon of Daime – such valuable relics must have been sought after by many since their disappearance – I am hesitant to part with them. My question is, for what purpose do you want them? Where will the statues be kept, if not in a temple to the Gods?

I am interested in the old church in the City of Treefall that you have mentioned, and pending the answer of my first query, I could be willing to consider your trade. However, there are more pressing matters to deal with at this time.

My companion and ship’s wizard, Hikari, has been afflicted with a curse that none have been able to understand or cure her of, and her symptoms are progressing at an alarming rate. In her earnestness, Hikari consumed the heart of the great red dragon, hoping to gain power and wisdom that would help us in our endeavors. Unfortunately, once the entire heart had been ingested, Hikari fell into convulsions and her skin turned a bright red. As I have said, this condition has continued to progress unhalted by the efforts of clerics, paladins, Waylans and magic users alike. I would beseech you to contribute to our efforts in reversing or even simply halting this transition before it is too late. I ask not only as one who cares for Hikari, but as a fellow inhabitant of Argyle, Hikari grows less and less herself with each hour that passes, and I fear that the clever dragon found a way to curse it’s own heart so that it might return and continue its reign of terror.

Please respond or send aid as promptly as possible, time is not on our side in this matter.

Most sincerely,

Aurelia Ouellette
Holy Instrument of the Goddess of the Night wind
2nd Mate of the Champions Fist

Wings on a Night Wind

18th of Harvester, 383 ONT, 4:18pm, Hills of Regret, Miranith, Argyle

Hagnon twisted his spear in the last of the enemy before turning to his men

“Reform, running columns!” he called as his men scrambled to form up on his, he did not wait, but quickly took to an easy lopping jog. Their time here was limited. The knights would send another wave to the eastern hill face within the hour, and as soon as the sun set the dead would rise and begin causing havoc once more. The Knights had proven to be a worthy advisory, once they had decided he was a proper opponent and not an upstart slave, they began taking a tactical mind to their surrounding and engagements had become costlier. In addition to this, Harvester had proven a bad month, for each night any dead would rise, and attack those closest to them. Hagnon was now forced to march his troops a long way from areas he wished to camp, in order to do battle and not be forced to fight all night with the eventual rising dead. He had been lucky, with the grace of his Goddess he had twice lured the knights into an area just as the dead were scheduled to rise; he was hoping to achieve this once more, but figured they were likely getting wise to this maneuver. He picked up his tempo a little, grinning to himself has his men naturally matched his pace, none would willingly flag in the presence of the king, and so it should be. They jogged through the wood towards the south side of the hill, from their they held a commanding view of the fields of Miranith.

Hagnon stopped as he saw he came to the look out. His heart plummeted… arrayed in the fields marching towards his settlement were not fewer then two knightly battalions.

“Goddess Save Us” he murmured in fear as he turned back to his men. “Damocles, take eight of our most devote men, build a small shrine and begin a constant prayer, you pray until the sun has set and for one hour following… understood… two men always praying the remaining six guard… once you are done you may join us”

“HAROO!” Damocles yelled slamming his spear to his shield

“The remainder of you will bring a waterskin, and your weapons, nothing else… the knights fall upon our people and the dead will walk with them as well… we have a full hour run, and then a long battle on the other side. These are our People! We will not leave them to be slaughtered… we will meet beat those knights there or we will fall dead on the side of the road from trying… am I heard?”

“HAROO!” his men called

“IS THE GODDESS IN OUR HEARTS?” Hagnon screamed to his men

“HAROO!” The called back again


“HAROO! HAROO! HAROO!” their was a thunderous sound of packs behind dropped, sandals being tightened, shields being adjusted, the men formed up on their king once more

“FOR MIRANITH!” he cried, and like a shot fired from a gun they were off, to race the knights to their people

Having a Bad Day Pt 2

33rd of Harvester, 383 ONT, Daytime, maybe afternoon? Cell of Red Tower of Sorcery

Hikari looked around her surroundings again, they were very adequate, a small bed, a comforter, a bucket that would clean her daily waste as needed, a basin that would fill with water every morning, a plate that would summon food for her twice a day. The cell had metal walls, that seemed to be enchanted with a minor chill in them, it had three tiny windows, maybe the size of her hand, enough to let light in, but the glass was as steel and they could no open to change the air in the room. They had taken all of Hikari’s things, save for her gauntlets, which they found impossible to remove. She now wore a comfortable cotton shirt and pants, ones altered to accommodate her wings and tail. At first she had opted to wait; perhaps in more comfort, but wait none the less. She had been shocked to find she was unable to summon her door… her magic eyesight seemed at odds with the room as well, as she could not detect the magic in the room or the weave. When she tired of her surroundings she attempted her gauntlets, calling forth a passwall, shrinking the door, growing it… all failed to have any magical effect. With frustration and anger she was at last at their mercy and forced to sit and wait. Her entire fate now rested on dear Phobia.

It was dark when the door opened, a large well-muscled elf entered the room. His chestnut hair was cropped close and tied behind his head in a thin bun. He wore pants of a deep maroon, with an open vest to match, he carried nothing but a small wooden stool of which he patiently set in the center of the room and sat. Hikari did not get up, she raised her eyes and looked at him, he offered a nod of greeting, she did not return it.

“I am Kelqirelle, first procurement officer of intellect of the Red Tower” he waited to see if Hikari would speak, if she would say anything at all, when she didn’t he continued. “How would you like to be addressed for this interview?” his tone was passive and business like, Hikari sat up at last.

“I am Hikari Anakamoto, I am not a danger to the tower, I had thought I had an appointment… please let me go!” Kelqirelle nodded encouragingly to his half elven captive

“I like that we are establishing an open dialogue, I will call you by the name you have given, for the time being, but I do not appreciate lies… it does not help you or me” he said to her, his tone was so calm it held a threatening edge to it.

“I’m not lying, I’m fine, I ate of a dragon’s heart, and some changes happened which is why I am unrecognised, but I assure you it’s me” she said passionately

“I find you’re use of fine an interesting turn of phrase… Let us look at your story for a moment, and for a thought experiment say that you are indeed Hikari, that you did slay a Red Dragon no one has heard of and eaten its heart for reasons unknown, let us further implausibly consider that you would have an appointment with the Former Arch Magus at the Tower of High Sorcery when you know he is incarcerated. If all of these things are true, then you are at the least under some kind of terrible curse, which we should prevent you from potentially spreading or causing chaos, or you are planning to aid an alleged criminal escape trial… also not something we should allow you to do. By my logic, after reading over your case file, you appear to be a half dragon, or perhaps a dragonkin of some kind… I need to understand what is your purpose here and whom you represent, so if we can please go back to the matter at hand… How would you like to be addressed for this interview?” Hikari met his eyes, but found nothing there; no compassion, no love, just a cold shell. She turned away to face towards the wall

“I’ll wait for the Acting Arch Magus” she said as she turned away. Kelqirelle shook his head in disappointment.

“I can be very patient, very patient indeed. As I am sure you are aware, the average lifespan of a Dragonkin is around eighty years… you would probably last longer in here under elven care… I have tenure in my position, I will be here for the next three hundred years at least… I can wait” with that he stood and collected his stool. “I’ll check on you again next month” he said as he wrapped at the door, and vanished, leaving Hikari alone to think of what was to come.

Having a Bad Day Pt 1

28th of Harvester 383 ONT, 8:15pm, Lobby of the Tower of High Sorcery, Highport, Argyle

“Please, just listen to me. I don’t have any reason to lie to you. Let’s go inside and have a cup of tea and I’m sure it will sort itself out as soon as someone lets the Arch Magus know I’m here.” Hikari said in exasperation waving her arms in frustration, she noted the pikemen carefully monitored each flick of her wrist, she was suddenly sure that should she attempt a spell, or should they believe she was, they would kill her without question.

“We have yet to see that, Ms….” A strong female voice said from down the lobby, she wore robes of pale blue, the cuffs were trimmed with gold, her light brown hair was tied back in a tight ponytail and she had no fewer than four ion stones orbiting her head.

“Hikari Anakamto” Hikari offered. The women tilted her head and made a clicking noise of disappointment.

“You see how that might be difficult for us, why would Hikari be here?”

“I am coming to see the Arch Magus Erindale, we are going to take an egg to the Dragon Ilse together, if you would just tell him I am here…”

“You see, this is where we have trouble with your identity… The Arch Magus Erindale is currently sitting in a twelve by eight foot cell, awaiting a trail for treasonous acts against the Speaker of the Sun and the elvish people as a whole. Something that Ms. Anakamoto would be well aware of, as by our records she visited him twice this month with Captain Thalion Alfrin on the Champions Fist” The women’s voice dripped with contempt. Hikari swallowed, she had made a slight error.

“and whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?” Hikari asked of the women who now stood behind the guard wizards

“I am the acting Arch Magus Soora Thera, the Exalted Speaker of the Sun has placed me in command of the Towers of Sorcery whilst the traitor Erindale awaits his trial. Once that treacherous devil has been formally put away, I will take on the full authority of the Arcane Arts.” Hikari felt her stomach drop, this was not good. “Now… this beast wished to be here in the Tower of High Sorcery, I will have none of that, take her to the Red Tower, place her in a Class B room until I have time to arrange interviews to gain the full confidence of what this beast is doing and why it is here” The pikemen moved in, as wizards held spells pointing at her, there was not chance that Hikari would escape such an encounter with her life.

“You can’t do this!” Hikari cried “I helped kill the Red Wrym for you, I am Hikari…” she was smacked in the face by one of the pikemen

“There hasn’t been a Red Wyrm on Argyle in Millienia” the elf grumbled as her hands were bound with an intensely green magic cord. “Don’t struggle, it will only hurt more” He said, kicking the back of her knee causing her to stagger forward and fall onto a newly appeared floating disk. Layers of cord and web, were being cast over her, binding her to the disk. Hikari had to think fast

“Phobia, you are my last hope, find the Captain, get help” she whispered, feeling the spider-drake detach from her, then summoning her strength she pushed herself up, fighting against the bonds that seemed to suck her very strength from her as she did. Several pikemen hit her with the butts of their pikes, each one shocking her with a different type of magic, it was not long before she slumped back onto the disk… but it was all she needed, her little drake managed to fly past the surprised guards and escape outside.

“Find the Drake!” The Acting Arch Magus intoned, she turned to Hikari “You will pay for that” she said in a tone that left no doubt of her intent. With that Hikari was dragged away towards the cells of the Red Tower.

We Need a Break

Seeing the many elves show up, catalogue and begin moving coin and art works into crates laid it out for the crew of the Champions Fist. There was little left to do here, another large group had begun stripped the dragon of teeth, hide, guts, claws and anything else of value, no great burial would occur for the legendary dragon. Thalion turned back to his officers and friends holding back a shrug.

“To Treefall” he offered, there were slow nods and murmurs but nothing concrete. “unless you have different courses to plot?” The Captain offered, but again there was little, the silence grew uncomfortably but Hikari spoke first

“I need to head to High port, maybe other places to… I need to look into what is happening to me” The Captain nodded but couldn’t argue with this

“I also have important factors to attend, I cannot promise how… present I will be in the coming days, or weeks” Miriel stated… one by one other members of her officers team spoke of important works that needed doing. The Captain nodded at last having heard them all, and knowing it was fair.

“We have spoken for a long time about a bigger ship. If we are carful with our claims, or willing to pitch in more coin, I can see about having one built… that would take some time… and Mandy has said the Fist needs some serious down time for her to fix some of the side issues with the fire. I will sail to Treefall, then to High Port, and begin work on the new ship. Those who can assist are welcome, those who have other business… that is fine to. But I would like us ready to set sail once more on the 15th of Sunnsebb. Fair?”

There was a round of agreements and mini details to be worked, but all were ready to carve their own adventures

The Fire that Burns in the Heart Pt 4

28th of Harvester 383 ONT, Champion’s Fist, Main Deck 7:28pm

Hikari now had an appreciation for how Flitt saw the world, or at least how he saw the world before he grew even larger than he already was. For Hikari it was an awkward experience now that she stood at almost twelve feet in height. She fiddled with the latch to her cabin thankful that though her fingers now seemed to sport decent claws on them she could still feel and manipulate things as she could before. This time the changes had been felt but the pain was much more bearable than before and she handled it quite easily. But squeezing into the hallway was far from fun.

Behind her Valeira shrugged into her pack humming a cheerful tune as if they were about to head off for a picnic lunch or a day at the beach. Though Hikari couldn’t be entirely pessimistic about having her love along for the trip. There was much Valeira did that kept Hikari from getting to wrapped up in her own internal thoughts and problems and she would be valuable in helping Hikari search for a cure.

She ran her tongue over her teeth grimacing at the sharpness unaware at how it made her look very much like a snarling dragon-kin to anyone unlucky enough to be coming down the hall. Luckily she’d picked the right time to depart as it was empty or maybe it was thanks to tar Di whom Hikari had asked to keep the others, not on duty, busy with some fun little tricks. She did make the young chaos mage promise that nothing would be permanent or life altering and to heed the Captain while she was gone. Though that had been a frustrating argument trying to reason with Tar Di into staying behind. She’d finally won only by promising to take Tar Di someplace special when this was all resolved and Hikari was back to her normal self.

Hikari stopped at the doorway leading to her Sanctum and placing a clawed hand on it concentrated for a few seconds. The doorway winked out of existence and two surprised crew suddenly found themselves in the hallway with her. Bronwynn, dressed only in her sleepwear for having the night off had decided to partake of the luxury offered by Hikari, plopped on her butt a surprised look on her face that shifted to fear at seeing Hikari looming over her. Lee Sue also appeared surprised and mid-bite of the now nonexistent food and glared at Hikari.

“A warning would have been preferred,” He muttered rising to his feet and taking the time to brush off his clothes. Bronwynn scrambled to her own and took a few steps back down the hall.

“Duilich mu dheidhinn sin. Chan urrainn dhomh a fàgail an seo fhad’s a tha mi air falbh.*” Hikari bobbed her head then blinked and sighed realizing that neither understood her. Not only had she gained another language but it appeared that she would fall into using it if she wasn’t paying attention and Hikari doubted anyone else actually spoke Chromatic on the ship. Neither Bronwynn nor Lee Sue looked happy to hear it either. “Sorry, if I had more time I would’ve warned you. But I can’t leave the Sanctum here when I’m gone.”

“Orokana ryū. Reigi wa itsumo arimasu.**” Was Lee Sue’s response in Wing Tai to which Hikari just sighed, again. He probably meant to respond in kind and use a language she didn’t know. So she pretended ignorance and watched them both depart. Two more people who would not miss her. Well nothing could be done about it now. At least Bronwynn had only been sleeping and not using the bath Hikari mused.

Making her way on deck was a relief from the cramped hold below and HIkari stretched and looked to see who was on shift. Flitt stood at the helm with Thalion and it was Willhym with Maddax and Cassidy now that the sun had set. She watched the different expressions on their faces for the longest of moments before waving to the Captain and Flitt and looking down beside her to Valeira. “Are you ready?”

Her love smiled up at Hikari and nodded, “Yes my love, ready for another adventure with you.”

“An adventure filled with books and scrolls and ledgers and chasing down clues in dusty old tomes.” Hikari grinned, “You get all the good adventures. I however will have the boring duty of going with Erindale to return the dragon’s egg to the Council of Wyrms.”

Valeira laughed and nodded, “Boring indeed. The only reason I’m not going with you that far is because one of us needs to start researching what happened if we want to stop it.” Then she got serious, “But don’t take any chances Hikari. Dragons don’t think like we do and you’re not the most eloquent with words when a light touch is needed.”

“I’ll have Erindale with me, how much trouble could we get into?” Hikari grinned down at her. “Trust me Valeira, all I want to do is get the egg back safe and figure out how to undo all this so we can get back to being us again. Now we should get going before the Captain questions me about why Bronwynn was running down the hall in her night clothes.”

*Translation: Sorry about that. I can’t leave it here while I’m gone.

**Translation: Stupid dragon. There is always time for courtesy.

28th of Harvester 383 ONT, High Port, 7:45pm

Hikari had left Valeira at the Accidental Pudding Inn. The library was closed and her love was getting set up with a room there as neither knew how long it would take to find what they needed to undo the curse of the heart. Valeira had also promised to check with friends of hers who travelled lots to see if they could find clues that might help them. That was fifteen minutes and half a city ago.

Now she stood in front of the High Tower of Sorcery flanked by multiple guards with weapons raised and three mages all who were one awkward move on Hikari’s part away from fighting. For her part Hikari had kept her hands raised high and open facing towards them and was trying to be as patient as she could with them.

“For the third time. I am Viceroy Hikari Phobia Anakamoto, ship’s wizard on the Champion’s Fist and I am here at the tower as requested by Erindale.” She pointed to the broach she still wore, “This is the proof I am who I say I am. These can only be worn by those Erindale gifts them to.”

“Miss Anakamoto is known to the tower and is a half elf. You are not.” The center mage replied, “I am not sure what you are but I see enough dragon to know you are a threat.”

“How many people have you seen in your lifetime that are bonded with an Arachnis?”

There was a pause then a curt answer, “I have only ever seen one. But that does not preclude the existence of others. You are to remain here until others have been woken up and you can be properly taken into custody.”

“I don’t have time for that.” HIkari growled back unable to keep her annoyance hidden. The soldiers with the pikes adjusted their grips at her growl. “I am not a threat and not your enemy. I was invited and chose to show up today. If I wanted to do something I would not have announced myself nor waited for you to bring more people.”

“So you say.”

“I do say. And I was the one you probably detected using a teleport to arrive on the outskirts of the city.” Her life sense and magical vision had luckily survived the regrowing of her eyes and she could see the faint shimmer of more protective wards being cast including a dimensional anchor and sighed again. “Please, just listen to me. I don’t have any reason to lie to you. Let’s go inside and have a cup of tea and I’m sure it will sort itself out as soon as someone lets the Arch Magus know I’m here.”

No one moved. It was going to be a long night…

Letter to the Arch Magus Erindale

22nd of Harvester, 383 ONT

To: Arch Magus Eindale, Master of the Tower of High Sorcery, High Port

From: Hikari Anakamoto, Ship’s Wizard of the Champion’s Fist

Arch Magus Erindale,
It is a great honour to have not one but two letters from you in such a short time. I apologize for the delay on the first as I needed time to think and weigh my options, limited though they be.

First and foremost I would like to assure you that I understand the gravity of the situation with the Red Dragon Egg and it was with that in mind that I did claim it from the horde at no small reluctance from my Captain. We share in that understanding of the destructive nature of Reds and it was deemed that I was best suited for it. I will not lie for the idea of attempting to raise the dragon wyrmling did cross my mind more than once because I did not want to end the creature’s life when it had not even had a chance to be. But that is also an ongoing argument about the nurture vs nature of beasts and man for which I still firmly believe that there is always a chance to turn the tide to nurture over nature else many of the now civilized races would never have made it this far.

But I digress. Your ability to contact the Council of Wyrms and broker a meeting to turn over the egg to the dragons is fortuitous and I would be remiss to turn it down. It saves the egg and lives of others whilst granting me a chance to see and speak with those I might never have had the chance to or will again. So yes, I will arrive soon with the egg and we can depart for the isle of Dragons though I hope they do not hold a grudge for the loss of Aurumtec.

As for the headband in question you’ll have to forgive me. I cannot rightly give it a solid value as I know what it could aid me in doing to keep my crew safe. I am also having a difficult time convincing myself to part with it. But I am open to talking to you more with regards to it upon my arrival and possibly brokering a deal then. Captain Alfirin is beginning to ponder the building of a large airship to add to the Champion’s fleet and I may be willing to sacrifice the headband to further my Captain’s wishes as much as it would pain me to lose it.

There is a final matter that I would wish to discuss with you in person and one that is of an ever growing concern to myself and my crew. As you know my confidence in you has never wavered and I proudly wore your broach to the knighting ceremony regardless of what others may think of you. I do not always like your methods and you do not share easily but you are a good person and one I feel I can trust. I hold out hope that if nothing else you will be able to steer me down the path I must take. But I will say no more in the letter save for the fact that I have and am changing and you will know me by the broach if nothing else when we next meet to discuss things further.

Penned by,
Viceroy Hikari Phobia Anakamoto,
Ship’s Wizard of the Champion’s Fist

Another Letter to Hikari

22nd of Harvester, 383 ONT

To: Lady Hikari Anakamoto, Ships Wizard of the Champions Fist

From: Arch Magus Erindale, Master of the Tower of High Sorcery, High Port

Lady Anakamoto, forgive me, news does not travel as quickly as one would like whilst behind the bars or socially misconstrued justice. None the less word has now reached me of your desire to take possession of a certain magical headband. I will not bandy words here, as we are both well aware of the value of this item and what it could mean. It is the kind of currency that can be exchanged on a number of planes, and hails from magic near older than I. This item is yours, claimed fair and square from a feat that resounds with aplomb; I ask merely if you are open to discussing sale or trade of such an item? And should that be the case, please open with your offer.

Dictated by,

Arch Magus Erindale,
Master of the Tower of High Sorcery,
High Port, Argyle

Written By,

Servant Unseen


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