The FLOOD pt 3

27th of Reaping 383 ONT, Southern Shore, Lyithalus Vinyards, Elven Court, Argyle 9:24am

Please Listen While Reading

Versum saw the bold little halflings. Two of them, they had attached the five fishing boats to the stone pier but had lengthened their line to almost two hundred feet on each in hopes they might ride the waves instead of being destroyed, it was a long shot but one that showed dedication. The boats were elven, maybe they would survive. The burbling water was maybe a hundred meters away now, the little halflings finished toeing the last knot and began running hopelessly up hill. Versum dashed in front of them and kneeled, he had no time to shift or explain, but necessity breeds instinct, and when he nudged at his back neither of the two questioned it, the jumped onto the giant wolf’s back. Versume did not pause, he could hear the water hitting the shallows, and preyed the grandfather wolf would grant him the speed he needed.



The halfling ahead of him began running once more… the wolf took no pleasure in it, he was laden with three children and an elder, his pack were laden equally and still they herded the village like sheep, forcing them to run and move, any who were to slow would be nudged, then pushed, then bit… whatever it took. He glanced back and saw the water hit the breaker, they could all hear the flood now and the little people quickened their pace, at last they could hear the doom that the wolves had heard for twenty minutes… they were still a ways from the top of the hill, could they make it before the water? Was Vesteel tall enough? He hoped so, he hoped his Alpha knew best.


Raced down the hill past Taurcono and the others, Hallec was at the top with the healer and their injured. But Tuarcono and his pack were too overladen, if someone had been missed there would be no chance to go back, and so it was up to her to do one last check of the village, and get anyone left out. She heard the sharp rebuke from Taurcono to help him and the others herd the halflings, but she ignored it, Alpha wanted the village evacuated and a final check was needed.


“I know I am not Versum, but you have to trust me, we have to go!” Petra yelled at the tree

“Where is Thesalour?” The Squirrious named Jameson called down from a high branch

“I told you, Sir Thesalour died this morning in a Roper attack… and Versum is very busy, he sent me”

“A convenient story, but you’ll forgive me if I don’t lower my children to an unknown Lupen” Jameson called back

“There is a flood coming, I am part of Versum’s pack… he sent me to get you to higher ground”

“We heeded your words, we have pulled everyone into the tree”

“That tree is not high enough… please, time is short” Petra pleaded

“Maybe you are sent from Versum, but without Thaden, or Thesalour or Versum or Thalion I cannot take the risk with my people, you could be working for Shepard” he called down

“I do not work for Shepard… I don’t know how I can prove it to you save for the honour of the pack…” she took a few deep breaths understanding the ramifications of what she was doing now “The flood is coming, soon you will see it hit the shore line… I will not leave here without you, my duty is the Protector of the Small, we will all make it or none of us will” with that she shifted back into her wolf form and laid down at the base of the tree, trying to block out the echoing sound of death that crashed ever closer towards them.

“I don’t know honey, what if she is right?” Clara said to Jameson he looked at her, then towards the coast, then back to the wolf

“You would risk us all to an unknown wolf?” he asked… but it was truly an ask, he seemed torn

“You would trust us all to a flood?” she responded… Jameson looked out again dancing from one foot to the next, not sure what to do


The elves ran with a grace that matched the wolves, they would crest the hill in time. Selene nodded to Trovel to keep with them and assure their success, she wanted to check something. The Alpha had bet that Krieger’s mom would be ok, but no one had gone to check, that was not right, with a snuff and a turn she wheeled to the west aiming for the little cottage just outside of town.

The FLOOD PT 1.5

26th of Reaping 383 ONT, Dwarven Empyreal Boarder Outpost Du-Hastvich, Honastican Front, Dwarven Empire, Argyle 11:46pm

Erindale did his best to maintain his composure as he went through the scrolls once more. “As I have said General Thimdael, these scrolls prove beyond a doubt that this so called ‘interloper’ Hagnon, is actually an Honastican, and that means that this is an internal civil war that Honastica is fighting and not an invading force, the Treaty of Trueger specifically states that neither the elves nor the dwarven people can get involved in an internal matter, the humans must sort this out for themselves” the Dwarven General took a cursory glance at the papers before turning an eye back Erindale.

“Why do they not know this themselves Lord Erindale?”

“You are asking me why Human’s do not keep good records?” the elf asked in a wry tone. Their was a brief pause before both the elf and dwarf broke out into laughter.

“Well I do appreciate you bringing this to my attention; human wars are always messy affairs, and I wouldn’t want to overstep our authority here” the general stated taking another sip from his crystal glass of fine dwarven whisky

“Well, the Dwarven Empire has been such a kind neighbor, saving you the headache and expense of a war is really the least I can do” Erindale replied, finishing his glass of wine and standing “Now General…” but he paused, several magical alarms alerted him of problems simultaneously and it took even his superior intellect a moment to sort out exactly what had happened

“Lord Erindale? Are you ok?” The General asked with concern as he to rose to his feet, “Shall I summon a Cleric?” there was a long uncomfortable pause, before Erindale replied

“Yes, you will need everyone you have… General, listen very closely as I have little time and both our people’s lives are on the line” the General nodded watching the elven wizard closely “In about 8 hours a massive wave, maybe almost three hundred feet tall will crash against the southern shores of Dwarven Empire and Elven Court and… all the way to the Fire Nation… I will send word to them, worry about your own people, do what you can, save whom you can… good luck”

“What caused this… how do you…” The General stammered but in a blink the elven wizard was gone

  • 26th of Reaping 383 ONT, Tower of High Sorcery, High Port, Elven Court, Argyle 11:51pm*

The alarms were blaring as Erindale appeared in the council chambers of the Speaker of the Suns, wizards and clerics were flocking in as quickly as they could. Erindale silently thanked his past self for the warning enchantments he had laid almost three millennia ago. He touched his throat to augment his volume, while simultaneously casting a dampening spell so any lesser spellcaster would only be able to speak in whispers until he was finished


“Tessisus” he called summoning the Wizard to his side… he had little time, he could see the Speaker of the Suns in a rage working his way across the room to him.

“Yes Arch Magus?” Tessisus approached

“I need you to warn our aquatic friends who live in the harbour… the currents will destroy their homes as well… I have no help to give but a warning, hopefully it’s enough… then I want you and your top five wizards teleporting to Rehume, call in every favour we have left there and get me their best clerics of any of their churches… I’m not picky today”

“LORD ERINDALE! I WOULD HAVE WORDS” The Speaker of the SUN yelled has he pushed through the throngs of people

“Go now Tessisus” the elf bowed and blinked out, Erindale grabbed Rethla, another of his apprentices, and grimaced, he was not going to get away from the politics “Rethla, Go to Wing Hove, warn the eagles and everyone there… the wave will swamp them and we can send no help… tell them I said to get out now, and to fly as far north as they can, Wing Hove is lost” Rethla looked eyes wide in shock at his words “I have no time for shock Rethla… Do as I say and maybe we won’t be extinct at the end of this day”

“LORD ERINDALE!” The Speaker was right behind him

“GO” he whispered through gritted teeth, the girl nodded and blinked away as Erindale turned around

“Lord Erindale…” the elf said again, slightly out of breath he paused to smooth his robes “I will not have you charging in and out of here like a human and issuing orders beyond your station… we have not yet confirmed that threat or discussed it’s cause or actionable points; we cannot be expected to evacuate and move because an aged spell made some noise” the man looked hard at Erindale who stood their for a moment

“Is that all Exalted One?” Erindale asked

“Is that all? What do you mean is that all?”

“Am I dismissed?”

“You would leave at a time like this, the quorum will be sitting within the hour, their will be questions” The Speaker said, anger rising as the feigned ignorance of the elf before him

“Of course, but I am only an honorary member of the quorum…”

“If you do not want to be here, then go back to your tower and play your games, but be warned, do not dare to speak with my authority again”

“Of course mighty Speaker, of Course” Erindale bowed and the blinked back to his tower. A flick of his fingers sent a messaging spell to every military, religious and arcane elf of rank within the city

“Due to a state of Emergency Arch Magus Erindale will be taking command until further notice” the voice was that of the Speaker of the Suns

The FLOOD Pt 2

27th of Reaping 383 ONT, Sir Thesalours Cabin, Western Shore, Lyithalus Vinyards, Elven Court, Argyle 9:16am

Versum carefully laid the body of Sir Onus Thesalour on the table; he grabbed a sheet from the counter and carefully laid it over the fallen elf placing his sword gently on top. Then with heavy footfalls moved to the common area and collapsed into a chair. Most of the pack was assembled, many too tired or injured to even bother shifting back to humanoid form. The fight with the Roper had been like nothing they had ever before imagined, the creature was malicious, cunning and evil to it’s core, and only with the combined power of the pack had they managed to cow the beast. It had not been without cost though. Rydel and Marald were badly injured, even now they were with the wise women in the village being cared for under the watchful eye of Hallec. He sighed and looked to Taurcono; the young werewolf gave a nod of respect back; for now they feud was ended, they both knew they only survived due to the harmony of the pack and leadership. He looked across the room to the window sill, his and Sir Thesalours wine glasses still sat their, not yet finished, it seemed like ages ago that they had sat together enjoying the scenic view and each others company… he shook his head in pain, he did not know how we would tell poor Thalion; how he would let his love know that he had failed him again.


Trovel perked up in his wold form. Tyrn and Petra’s ears perked… Weizen was on his paws turning in circles, a soft whine escaped his lips. Versum sprung from his feet; every animal sense in him told him something was very wrong, he dashed to the window even as those in humanoid form started to get the same sense of impending danger. Looking out the window he scooped up the spyglass of his late friend and searched the skyline… it took him a moment, but then he saw it, the water just rose and swallowed the island about ten miles south of them… and still the turbulent water surged forward.

“GODS BE CURSED” he swore in a long low tone. Deliberately he placed the spy glass down and turned to his team. “It’s a flood… it will swallow most of this island, and we are that is left to protect it… I know you are tired, but our duty has called us once more” the wolves were on their paws eager and ready… their Alpha had called them and they would not, could not deny his call. “The highest point on the island is Vesteel Hill, we get everyone there, or failing that to Krieger’s mothers house, I am willing to bet the Wizard has some kind of protections to assure her safety. Azura… get the wise women, her family, any medical supplies she needs and Rydell, Marald and Hallec to the top of the hill… assure our people are safely moved, then get as many medical supplies as you can up there… there will be injured.” She snuffed once and shook her mane, before dashing out the door. “Taurcono, Barric, Bolgar, Kodan, Marscal and Mordicom, evacuate the village, get the people to the top of the hill, don’t waste time on possession, people first”

“HRRRRRRRRR” Taurcono let out a long low growl as he flicked his head, the assigned members of the pack took off fleet of foot.

“Petra… I dub you Protector of the Small, get to the Little’s and get them to safety” hearing her name she spun around once before diving through the door dashing through the grape fields towards the littles settlement. “Selene, Trovel… You two are on the Manor, Thalion’s sister is the priority, but do your best to get everyone to safety.” The two gave a short bark of agreement and left. “Weizen, this flood will likely bankrupt our patron… go to stores, get as much in the underground cellar that you can and seal it, anything of high value you can carry to the high point of the island or you can protect do it… don’t risk your life for it though” The wolf nodded and was off, leaving only Voss and Versum. Voss, you and I are on search and rescue, and stranglers we find who are out walking or working, get them and bring them to high ground… I will take the south side of the island, you take the north” he paused a moment to run his hand through the fur behind his friends ears… “Good luck my friend” he said, shifting his own form and running with all speed and grace towards the oncoming flood.


Miriel had barely finished the Heart of Dumantheon, had barely attuned to the new powers coursing through her when she heard the voice, fresh and clear as if it were beside her.

GODS, This flood is not my doing, no is it within my control, I will slow it as best I can, but I recommend you do what you will for your followers… Luck be with you all” Miriel knew the voice at once, though she had not often heard Kelezandri speak, his voice was ingrained forever in her memory. She knew to the consequences that were upon her… Somehow she could picture the giant god Dumatheon crashing into the southern ocean, and could see the great waves crashing along the southern shores of Argyle. Her powers were great… she knew were Curtis was, knew where Hagnon Hagnon (CS)was, knew where all her followers were, some would be inconvenienced, none would die… her heart told her that time was not her ally, she needed to return to her companions at once, and defeat the Kabal before her fate matched that of Dumatheon.


Hastur, the once proud God Dumatheon stared with eyes that life fled from. Miriel could feel power, unnamed power, she could feel several multiverses in her hand, with the still beating heart of an Old One.

“Thank you, my old friend” Dumatheon whispered as he staggered backwards… “See… to my… followers… until Gabriel… is ready for them… pleeaasssse” with that last word he fell backwards again, falling into the giant globe that was Argyle and plummeting towards the southern oceans. Miriel stared for a long moment, tears welling in her eyes, and still the possibility of great power before her. She took a steadying breath, knowing this would unlock her destiny. With a determined grunt she bit into the heart of Dumatheon chewed swallowed and repeated, each bite unlocking more power, more secrets, more of the multiverse.

On Awakening Part 2

Miriel wasted no time.

“Old One,” Miriel said with respect in her voice. “I know not if your words are true or if this is an attempt to deceive me, but will ye, nil ye, I cannot chance allowing our enemies to gain in strength; we could not survive it – Argyle would not survive it. We can raise my Dwarven friend later, Yolo wills it, but we cannot risk losing your power. Know that you have my respect and my thanks for the sacrifice you make; I will make sure it is not in vain – I accept your power.”

With that Miriel’s claws sharpened even more, and she plunged her right hand deep into the Outer God, unerringly towards his heart. Her other arm circled his back, holding him close as she penetrated his ichored body; she ignored the tentacles that half raised towards her in response to her sudden attack but fell limp and accepting.

Holding his heart within her palm, it’s power beating hard into her grasp, she looked deep into his eyes, and asked for his final wisdom.

“With your dying breath, Old One, tell me – who is my sire? Who am I?”


The Founding of Mirineth Pt 1

9th of Goodmonth 383 ONT, 9:13pm, Antilles Range, Honastica, Argyle

Hagnon wiped the thick sticky substance made of grim sweat and blood from his brow. It took much work to hoist the last of the knights up onto the pikes. There they would be stay, until the Goddesses winds has ripped the flesh from their bones and sent their souls to whatever torment she chose. The fighting had been thick that day, he had lost two dear friends from his original twenty and thirty more of his newer recruits. It was however his belief that his people fought well that day, they had taken over ninety of the Honasticans, and twelve of them had been knights. He calculated that many more knights would need to die now to make up for the loss of his thirty two men; but that was an issue for another day. Now, in the setting sun, he could see that Antilles Range now had a large white flag waving from its upper window. Hagnon lifted his helm from the ground and nodded for Cenon and Pelious to follow him. The three left their army, some two hundred rescued slaves and defected workers; and crossed the bloody battlefield walking up to the doors of Antilles Range. An older man answered the door he wore a stylised suit of leather armor, and his gnarled old hands held a sword. This was like to be the patriarch, every fighting man had been in the battle today, there would be very little resistance left in the keep.

“I am Hagnon, King of Mirineth, I have come to hear your surrender” Hagnon said to the man. The older man’s brows furrowed in anger and he looked to his sword. Pelious kicked him in the knee causing him to drop, with a quick slam of his spear the long sword was ripped from the man’s grip and send clattering on the floor a few feet away. The man weezed for a moment before looking up to Hagnon and his men.

“Why do you attack us? We did nothing to you…” the man asked

“You keep men as cattle, you prosper from their labour without a thought of their fate… you bow to a Lord who has wronged my Goddess… How dare you claim land as your own when you have no means or desire to protect it… I did not see you in battle this day, instead I fund you cowering behind walls of stone well your men die in your name… I name you coward! And by my Goddess I judge you for the evils you and your ilk have wrought on this land” Hagnon’s voice thundered at the feeble old man, as divine wrath filled his heart as he stared at one so unworthy of his Goddess.

“What will the cost be for you to leave me and what is left of my lands alone?” The man asked, his head bowed in respect

“Ha” Hagnon barked the single note of laughter, though no mirth carried with it “There is no lands for you… I claim this land now as part of the Kingdom of Mirineth! Everything here is mine to have. Should you surrender now fully I will grant you the following; a clean death and proper burial for you and any men or women of fighting age left, children under four year will be given to one of my people to raise as citizens of my kingdom. Children of noble blood between the ages of Five and Twelve will be given to one of my Phali to be fostered. Your employee’s will be given the opportunity to join me or die, your slaves will be freed. Should you fail to surrender the same will happen, but you and yours will feel great pain for each of my men who suffers in achieving the same end.” The man looked up hopelessly

“Be Merciful great king, my daughter is no warrior, she is a scholar… will you not spare her and those that did not fight?”

“Your daughter knew of the evils of slavery and she chose not only to do nothing, but to participate in using the slaves… I will not suffer a slaver to live… now what is your answer Lord Antilles?” the old man’s shoulders slumped as he sucked in a deep breath… then he looked Hagnon in the eye

“I will not surrender so my family can be slaughtered!” he said with defiance, for a moment Hagnon almost had an ounce of respect for him

“So be it… Cenon, take him back to our line… Pelious sound your horn, let us do this the hard way” the man looked shocked as Cenon grabbed him and pulled him roughly to his feet and out the door

“Will you not return to your line first? Have you no honour?” The man yelled as Cenon dragged him away

“Honour is for the Honourable… I do not bow or tip my helm to rats and vermin” Hagnon said, hefting his spear and entering Antilles Range.

A Moment in the Darkness

She was too late, too late to save the Schooner from that heinous spell. It was little comfort that she freed his soul when she could not return it to his body. The others didn’t know but Hikari was often frustrated at how limited her magic really was. Sure, there were many amazing things and feats she could accomplish thanks to her magic but it was never enough. There was always something she couldn’t do or lacked the knowledge to accomplish. It made no sense to her that magic was so different between different types of casters. Even divine spells or druidic spells should be possible save for the source of the power. And yet they were anything but. So she did what she could and often found herself lacking and blaming herself for what happened to those around her.

Hikari pushed those thoughts aside as Tar Di and Valeira came in sight. She ran to them engulfing both in a tight hug. Losing Thorbil was difficult to take as Hikari had become accustomed to his silent and solid presence being nearby. But she couldn’t bear the thought of losing Valeira or Tar Di and knew how close she’d come to exactly that more than once. What had she been thinking agreeing to bring them along on what was turning into a suicide mission? This was no hero’s journey to be made into song and recounted around the cheery hearth of a tavern. This was a tale of horror that none needed to relive or know about and she’d dragged them all the way out here and put them in mortal peril.

Hikari reluctantly let them go and stepped back so she could look them over for anything that might be serious enough to need attention. With a sigh of relief she looked back and forth between the two of them and shook her head, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t… I should’ve…”

“Stop.” Valeira interrupted, “You’ve done nothing wrong.”

“But you and Tar Di almost died because of me.” Hikari shook her head, “You’re both here now, in this place, facing these horrors because of me… Because I wanted you here with me.”

“The ship isn’t any safer.” Tar Di spoke up and Valeira nodded. “Exactly, here or there the danger isn’t lessened.”

“I was caught up in the idea of a grand adventure to the moon of all places to think it through. I thought I could keep you both safe if I kept you close. But I can’t. I’ve been selfish wanting you here and insisting that you come along. And now…” Hikari took a ragged breath and blinked back tears, “And now we are trapped in this god forsaken place with Thorbil and Johno dead and Miriel gone with no sure way out and… and I don’t want to lose you, either of you.”

“Oh Hikari. My dear, sweet Oselia.” Valeira hugged Hikari tightly. “You speak as if you could’ve kept us away.”


“Hush now, my love, and listen.” Valeira kissed her, “I wanted to come, I wanted to be here with you no matter where that here was. Tar Di as well.” Valeira looked to Tar Di who nodded in affirmation, “You couldn’t stop us, not if you truly loved us.”

“Keeping someone safe, away from harm, away from anything that could affect them and away from you is not love. They become possessions, objects to be looked at from afar. But love is more precious and fragile and yet stronger than anything we might face if we are together. We will never know when our time is up, when the last moment we have is done and over with. Better to be with ones we love and squeeze every last precious ounce of life out of the short time we do have together. All the good, all the bad, and everything in-between it is ours to share and experience together.”

“We’re not done yet and we are not going to give up. But there is not place on Argyle or the moon I’d rather be than here in this moment with you my love.” Valeira grinned, “And you are crazy if you think you can apologize for that.”

“I hate this place. It’s a horrible nightmare I want to wake up from but… but Valeira is right Hikari. If this is where you are then I want to be there too.” Tar Di tried to keep a brave face but Hikari could see the tremble of her lips and how afraid she was. Hikari pulled her into the hug and the youth cried into her shoulder having seen and experienced things no one that young should have to.

“I thank the gods every night that brought you both to me. I promise I won’t keep you away from me.”

“Does that mean I can come in when you and Val are in your room and…” Tar Di began before she was interrupted with a resounding, “No!” from both Valeira and Hikari before all three started laughing.

“Umm, not that this hasn’t be a wonderful moment and all but we are in the lair of ultimate evil and I’m paralyzed and floating on a disc behind you.” Felatheia interjected.

“Sorry about that. Ummm Aurellia? You had the regeneration potion right?” Aurellia nodded and Hikari moved the disc over to her grimalkin friend. Then with one last squeeze she extracted herself and moved to join Felatheia. “That spell you used to become a tree, it fairly glowed with Bendu weave magic. Can you tell me where you learned it and would you be willing to learn more?”
On Awakening pt 1

She awoke, once again there she was, huddled staring over the moon which sat a few feet from the orb that represented Argyle. This time there was no sign of Pan, nor was there any of the other familiar gods or goddess she knew, instead lying near her feet, near the moon orb was Dumatheon, his magma beard roiled onto the ground as he shuddered with pain, every few moments a small beam of orange light left him and flew over towards to moon. Miriel was tempted to lean in and watch, but she knew that would cause her to leave this place and put her back in the ground digging once more.

“You do not seem well” she stated looking at the dwarven god, noticing her he rolled onto his stomach and climbed up to his knees breathing heavily with the exertion.

“You did not build the churches… if you had I would have more power now to help you, alas the short-sightedness of youth” he coughed and weezed. Miriel took a step forward despite herself. The God Dumathion had not impressed her at the council, whining and forcing her to build churches on his behalf, yet still to see anyone in such pain caused a level of remorse within her. “I can hold my form no longer… please… I have…” he coughed and hacked “… I must share information, do not flee or attack… I am still… me…” as he said the final words another bout of hacking came upon him one that wracked him to the core as a large glob or orange was pulled from him and flew over to the moon. Before her now sat a new form, one distinctly alien and not at all dwarven… one of an aberrant. He could not help it, her foot moved backwards in disgust and it took all of her will not to cry shame as his beard became a mess of hideous tentacles. At once he was known to her, some innate part of her goodly spark told her that this was not Dwarven God of Crafting, no member of Gabriel’s Pantheon, this creature was old, this was Hastur, the unspeakable, to even think his name incorrectly could cause planets to undo. What he was doing here, why he posed as a godling with a Pantheon of good, she could not fathom. Seeing the spark of recognition in her eyes he nodded.

“It is I, but I am not here to make war… quite the opposite” he coughed again “When your sire fell, it was I who snuck away so that the spark could live. When I arrived I tried to warn this world that the Weave itself was threatened, that Yog-Sothoth moved against the realms of the inner gods. Alas, the war with the abyss and hells reigned strongly at the time, the aberrants played a major role and the gods newly minted had not trust for anything that resembled their enemy. My aid and warning would have fallen upon deaf ears…” another glob of orange was ripped from him and pulled towards the moon.

“What is happening to you?” Miriel asked watching the pain the creature endured with each bit of energy stolen

“The Kabal of Yog-Sothoth, they have identified me and steal my divine energies, when they have the last of it, they will use my source to sunder the weave”

“Why do you not stop this from happening?” Miriel inquired, knowing if someone tried stealing her energy she would smite them and be done with it.

“My power to resist is not what I would like it to be” The Outter God said through gritted teeth of pain. “Despite that, time grows ever shorter and it appears, despite the irony of our situation, that this time it will be you going in and I making a sacrifice…” he groaned and coughed again, but this time through force of will forced himself to rise to his feet. “Help me to the orb of Argyle” he stated. She hesitated, looked at him skeptically… “by your Sire… PLEASE” he implored, and something in her gave, just enough to offer him an arm and let him lean heavily as they shakily walked the few steps to the orb that represented Argyle. “Years ago, The Everlast, not recognising me, crafted items to help my chosen on their quest… he, nor any never understood what the quest was and so the items of my five seemed weak and ineffectual… now that changes” gathering what was left of his willpower Hastur reached out and as he did a screen of ruby, silver and emerald appeared around the orb. With precision not thought possible with great slimy hands he expelled a great amount of energy and snipped a tiny little thread of ruby that had come unravelled and hung loose. He then staggered backwards the red thread grew to be about six feet long before them. From his pocket he fished out a sapphire, a fine jewel, but a common one none the less. His handed took on a reddish glow and the ruby melted and reformed, slowly but surely it took its now form as a mighty scimitar with a sapphire jewel in the pommel and a delicate little key engraved into it. As he finished he faltered and nearly fell were it not for Mirrel’s quick reactions. He looked to her passing her the blade. “What was broken is now forged a new… the Keymaster must have his blade if there is any hope of victory to be one this day” with that he passed her the blade, offering a simple nod as a bow she humbly took it, understanding what this blade would mean to Flitt.

“Will you not come with us, will you not fight?” she asked seeing the god weaken again under the moon assault

“I will fight to the bitter end, but should I come any closer it will merely increase the amount they can steal from me. Have you yet mastered time?” he asked. She stared at him for a long moment

“I am very prompt for my appointments” despite the stolen energy the Outter God offered a snort of laughter. But instead he reached towards the orb of the moon and spun it backwards several times, each time he did a strand of brown came free of it, when he finished he took the brown strands and pressed them between his hands reveling an hourglass.

“When you return to your companions break this hourglass immediately, it will give them what they most desire” he turned to her and sighed one of resignation. “Now my friend we come to a choice… one that will stir you to the core, and cause you to call upon all the divine wisdom you have mustered so far… I may be able to hide myself as Dumatheon again for a short time, if so I can go to Yolo and request he give his attention toe fallen healer Johno. That would aid your companions greatly in the coming strife. Doing this however would allow the Kabal to continue siphoning my power, and allow them to get stronger. The other option that stands, is that you slay me now. Kill me and eat my heart, taking my divine energies; it would make you stronger and increase your deific ranking; but if you did not slay the Kabal quickly they would in time follow my energies to you and begin siphoning the power. Either way too much of me has been expended and my time comes to an end; decide now young one, which path will lead you to success.” He coughed and staggered looking to her for her response.

Awaken or Dig

Miriel tunneled with all her might, desperate to reach her companions and save them from the evils of the Mind Flayers. With each crunching of claw on gravel she seemed to hear soft words whisper in her ear.

Wake Up… Wake Up

Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up D Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up i Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up G Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up g Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up I Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up n Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up G Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up c Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up A Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up n Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up N Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up o Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up T Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up s Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up A Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up v Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up E Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up t Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up H Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up e Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up M Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up. Wake Up! Wake up… wake up, wake up wake up.


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