Encounter at Farpoint Pt 2

8th of Wealsun 377 ONT: Kaiden Academy, Fire Nation

Hikaru learned quickly to protect what little gear he had as the ‘pranks’ and harassment did not abate over the coming days. He also learned to check his bedding for ‘presents’ both living and otherwise that ended up in there. Even meal time was a challenge with the entrance blocked by the Six if he came too late and difficult to leave on his own unless he stayed late. They wanted him to make a scene, to attack them out of frustration and helplessness and in doing so be removed from the Academy to no doubt live in shame with his mother on their estate. But Hikaru was determined to make it and began working on ways to counteract the various problems he faced.

With the practice weapons, armour and other training gear, Hikaru made certain to never get attached to a particular piece or set. This meant that the sabotage did not always land on him and made no new friends for the Six. It didn’t curb their efforts either. With meals he went a different route and instead offered to help out in the kitchens for a chance to eat first and early. It meant more work but meant that the Six could not touch him or his food anymore. The final piece was changing his route regularly to and from the barracks to the various training exercises and classes. In a way Hikaru enjoyed the challenges and trying to outthink his opponents and that kept him from becoming complacent as he put real effort into learning everything taught to him. Who knew what would end up being useful?

With shadows stretched long and the sun heavy on the horizon Hikaru spied movements in the shadows of the Phoenix gate. He tensed as it moved to black his path but relaxed as the silhouette dissolved in the light to reveal Yukiko. An annoyed Yukiko by her expression and Hikaru stopped to let her close the distance between them. She stopped a few feet away and crossed her arms. “Well?”

“Well what?” Hikaru was confused. She expected or wanted something of him but he had no notion as to what it might be. By the stony expression on her face and the silence that stood between them it was the wrong thing to say. “Right so I missed something here.”

“It’s been more than a couple of days. I know you’re not that dense so why?”

Now Hikaru was annoyed. She had toyed with him at their last meeting and now she was here mad at him for not following after like a puppy to answer her questions about what he did wrong. He wasn’t sure if the fact that she was here now meant that she might like him or she was one o