Chistles Point

Population: 6000
Governmental System: Theocracy
Ruling figure Title: Conclave
Succession: Church Appointment

1 Capital
Capital City: Chistles Point

Chistles Point Military ()


Capital City Overview
Chistles Point is a UN of sorts for different religions and cultures to come together and discuss, though each religion holds a temple of some kind, and many countries have embassy’s here there is no real central army or residency that is independent, living in the sector of a church or country places you under those sectors laws.

The Hooded Ones

Economic Statistics

Tax: none

Some Notable Business and Sights
The Panoptic Laboratory of Enlighten
The Temple of the Frozen Goddess
The Temple of the Rivers Lust
The Temple of the Veiled Mist
Kelezandris Northern Temple
The Grove of Everlast
The Brothel of the Lazy Nymph
The Stubby Narwhale
The Temple of his Unwavering Axe
Hithilums Temple of Light
Selwyns Sanctuary
Auroras Secellum of the North Wind
Chistles Island
Ymeris Abby of the Ever Present Flame
The Great Old Ones Tabernacle of the Minds Eye
Talibs Chancel of Thought
Embassy of Don Ton
Consulate of Eiradun
Legation of High Port
Embassy of Pelegius
Embassy of the Dwarven Stronghold
Consulate of Skyforge
Consulate of Dwarf Gate
Legation of Tukin

Some Notable Laws

- Harm None – enforced by world war

Chistles Point

Balance Argyle