Population: 54,000
Governmental System: Necrotic Lord and Oligarchy
Ruling figure Title: Lord
Succession: None…. Ever

1 Capital with 2 Cities and several major towns
Capital City: Don-Ton

Don-Ton Military (The Blue Coats)
Lord: Commands all military
Admiral: Commands 35 Ships, and sea defences
Day General: Commands 2,500 Living Soldiers
Night General: Commands 8,500 Undead Soldiers
Black Guard Commander: Commands 500 Black Guard
Home Guard Commander: Commands 1000 City Guards
M: Commands an unknown amount of spies in MI6

The Angry Paladin
The Clarity
The Drake
The Elementalists Torch
The Faith Decanter
The Fame Orca
The Jerry
The Just
The Knight
The Knight Murderer
The Lesser Strategy
The Lively Plane
Strahds Sword
The Eastern Meditation
The River Stalker
The Dukes Buckler
Sea’s Sadness
The Cruel Buccaneer
The Damned Eel
The Fallen Shark
The Sad Killer
The Vile Corsair
The Angry Barnacle
The Coral Hoard of Hell
The Damned Soul
The Evil Disgrace
The Fearful Murderer of the Ocean
The Hateful Butcher
The Morbid Booty
The Poison Pearl
The Rage of the Privateer
The Red Grail
The Scream of the Ocean
The Screaming Murderer
The Vile Hangman of the Ocean

Capital City Overview
The City of the North Eastern Coast. This large circular city is like the Athens of its age, great minds and magics travel here, lords rule over it and delicacies from across the world can be found here as well… the city is 70% Human with the remainder being a mix of Halfling, Elf, Dwarf, Dactyl and Other. Don-Ton is ruled by Lord Strahd von Zarrovich and the Council of Six. This city is 10k in diameter with the palace standing in the centre, there are 6 circuits spiralling outward each economically lower than the previous one

Council of Six

Economic Statistics
Chief Exports: Magic, Craft Goods, Wheat, Fish, Grain, Horses, Labour Projects, Mercenaries, Art, Law, Engineering

Tax: 12% foreign 7% local

Some Notable Business in Don-Ton

Some Notable Laws

-Age of maturity is 12 at this age you are considered able to do all things an adult would be allowed to do. Including all responsibilities, freedoms and obligations of a Don-Tonian Citizen
-Prostitution is legal but regulated and taxed. A Specific license and regular health checks are mandatory for anyone wishing to enter into the Profession.
-Foreign businesses are allowed to operate within Don-Ton so long as they pay the appropriate taxes and respect the laws.
-Churches may not own a military force within the city that is larger than 4% of their local and provable parishioners
-Each Duke in turn will offer two hostages to the Lord to be fostered to an allying city.
-The people have the rights of freedom of speech and expression as well as freedom of religion until they don’t.
-Magic Use is restricted, it is highly recommended not to cast magic’s without a license. Any creature caught using magic (or magical effects) of an offensive or suspicious nature can and will be fined by the Cities Guard. The fine = 1000-9000gp depending on severity or 1 year in jail or loss of offending appendage. Licensing is controlled by the Wizards Guild for Arcane and by the Churches for Divine. Let it be known that augmenting a creature or person makes you in part responsible for anything that creature or person does while augmented and for twenty four hours after.
-Any weapon save for a simple dagger must be licensed though the city guard. Carrying a weapon in the city will result in a fine or jail time as well as confiscation of the weapon/s. let it be known that there are no trees to be cut, minerals to be mined or steel to be forged within Don-Ton, adventurers carrying hammers, axes and picks must register them all the same. Anything treated as a weapon is thus considered a weapon. Fines can range from 500gp-10,000gp and Jail terms can = up to one year or loss of the offending appendage(s).
- The city will impose a 2% tax on all goods entering or exiting the city, the city has a right to search persons and their belongings before entering the city


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