Population: 12,500
Governmental System: Monarchy
Ruling figure Title: Quim
Succession: Hereditary?

National Anthem

1 Capital with 2 large townships
Capital City: Eiradon

Eiradun Military (The Lionesses Pride)
Quim: Commands all military
Admiral: Commands 5 Ships, and sea defences
High Dentoni: Commands 500 Dentoni
Erahn: Commands 1,500 Soldiers

HQCS The Providence
HQCS The Faiths Scribe
HQCS The Inner Peace
HQCS Guardian
HQCS The Everlasting Vigilance

The Circle of Dentoni

Economic Statistics
Chief Exports: Magic, Transportation of goods, Vegetables, Fruit, Grain, Horses, Fish, Art, Music, Copper, Steel

Tax: 18% foreign 14% local

Some Notables of Eiradun

The Daughters of the Iron Quim
Xenosoldiers of the Void
The Gentlemen of Eiradun
The Dwarven Clandom
The Brotherhood of Justice
Sons of the Golden Dawn

Some Notable Laws

The Eiradun Constitution
The Good Governance Act of 212
The Hereditary Act of 215
The Gender Equality Act of 82
The Better Workforce Act of 91
The Officer Training Program of 49
The Religious Freedoms Amendment


Balance Argyle