The Gripplie are a Frog like people, they stand between 2’5 and 3’ feet tall and on average weigh between 45-72lbs. they have large bulbous eyes but are by-peddle. they prefer to live close to the waters in damp environments with short to minimal cold seasons


the Gripplie people once lived in peace with the swamps of our hatching, in isolation where neither man nor daemon deemed fit to pass. Waters too shallow for the greater abhorrent to invade, with warriors and witches too strong to let the lesser take hold. Before the era of troubles our traders went out with the bounty of the swamp; the poisons, the fruits and the crafts of our masters and brought back from the Lockland peoples great items of metal and gem to enrich our pods. Alas ours was not to pass through those times unscathed. The isolation we bore without complaint, the years of ice made us dig deeper into the warm earth under our swamp to survive, but we did with great stoicism.

The flood brought by the Titan Prometheus near the end of the war was to finally be our homes undoing. Our people washed away in a great surge, our once beloved swamp destroyed and then drowned as the waters after the surge found fit to settle in the lowlands that once sheltered our people.

Many of my people were flung far and wide with the flood, many more lost, but those that could, returned to the lake that was once our swamp and sought to reclaim a piece of our home. In the generations that have passed it seems that Kelezandri may have taken pity on the people homes his river had swallowed, as the tribes’ folk that chose to stay and remake their home along side the Hekrikkit lake have over many generations developed a better affinity for the deep water.

No longer hidden by the swamp and now much closer to a major waterway, the town has become a port along the river that ships can put in for supplies, and the sight of one of the Hekrikkit people about along the holy waterways is not as uncommon a sight as before the demons came to Argyle. The Hekrikkit traders are wily and quick to take up a good deal, and the stock of fresh fish from the lake and the now bountiful former swamp land provide much in the way of provisions for traders, brewers and travellers.

The Tribesmen who are struck with wanderlust may travel far and wide seeking gold, glory and a knowledge of dangers to come for their folk, but always they are keeping an ear open for word of other pods of lost cousins who have not made it back home. Though they may travel far, it is rare for an adventurous soul to not return to the home lake several times throughout their life to find a mate and spawn, and nearing the end, all of the Hekrikkit Grippli feel the pull to return home before the end so they may never be without their home and tribe again.

While many of the traditions of the tribe worshiped primal aspects of the swamp the devastation of the titan’s waters violently washed both home and worship away. After many years of good living and great tribal growth at the new lake however, many of the Hekrikkit have begin to worship the lady of the waters who brought the lake, and live in fear of offending the great titan who they believe may one day come to judge and drown their people again. In hope of appeasing these two icons an air of acceptance and love has grown among the folk and great respect is now given to those who follow and support the trade of the brewer and the vintner, many hope one day to brew a drink so fine as to wake and placate the titan.


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