Population: 5500
Governmental System: Monarchy
Ruling figure Title: Queen
Succession: Church Hereditary

1 Capital
Capital City: Pelagius

Pelagius Military
1st Knight – Leads the Queens Army – 200 knights 800 men at arms

The Immortal Seraphim
The Lonesomeness Bride

Capital City Overview
Pelagius, once a powerful elven city, now home to the Honalians. The City stands in the heart of the Evermoors and is the tie to the ancient Magic that give the Honalians their power.

Court of Corus
Elven Movement

Economic Statistics
Chief Exports: Fruit, Wood, Herbs, Coal, Gems, Meat, Lime Stone, Quartz, Components, magic

Tax: 8% tax foreign 12% tax elven 5% tax local

Some Notable Business and Sights in Pelagius
Portal of the Ages

Some Notable Laws

Breeding Program
Knight Ordeal
Queens Ordeal
Wizards Ordeal


Balance Argyle