Population: 24,300
Governmental System: Theocracy
Ruling figure Title: Governor
Succession: Church Appointment

National Anthem

1 Capital with 2 Cities and 3 large townships
Capital City: Rehume
Pirates Swoop

Last Port

Rehume Military (The Current of Kelezandri)
Master Torrent: Commands all military
Master Admiral: Commands 38 Ships, and sea defences
Master Spear: Commands 2300 Ground Troops
Master Trident: Commands 1,500 Aquatic Troops
Master ?: Fluid Dynamics

Anas Wrath
Aleaus Grace
Hansels Concoction
The Solitary Torrent
The Longing Xuli
The Boastful Siren
The Bodyguard’s Plum
The Floating Samantha
The Devious Crash
The Enlightened Undine
The Floating Faithful
The Ice Maiden
The Holy Sound
The Winters Haste
His Awesome Speed
The Royal Rogue
The Savage Rainbow
The Unknowable Varrick
The Wealthiest Cleric
The Demon Sodimizer
Promethues Pride
The Devil Death
The Lustful Corsair
The Horney Knave
The Zeffer
The Angry Gale
The Horizons Storm
The Deciet of the West
The River Raider
The Hang Ten
The Feys Lust
The Pearl of the Ocean
The Wandering Buccaneer
The Halflings Prayer
The Greediest Grick
Kelezandris Claw
The Lackadaisical Longboat
The Long Hauler

Capital City Overview
Built at the mouth of the Great Northern Prometheon River, Rehume (the Captial) is a floating city dedicated to Kelezandri, the city is an example of devotion to the water gods and sports many islands brought together by ferry’s and bridges. Though the Tax rates are high, Rehume is a near communist city with the church providing near everything needed to its citizenship

Church of Kelezandri

Economic Statistics
Chief Exports: Magic, Transportation of goods, Ships, Education, Rice, Fish, Art, Music, Faith, Wood, Beer, Plays

Tax: 50% foreign 68% local

Some Notable Business and Sights in Rehume
University of Magic
College of Alchemical Studies
Bath House of Her Divine Glory
The Titans Chair
The Gods Throne
Norgate Ship Wrights
Quat Ships
Current Alehouse
Kelezandris Orphanages
Bank of Rehume
Senate House

Some Notable Laws

- Anyone can appeal to the Gods Throne if they feel they have been convicted or accused wrongly of a law, but gods throne decisions are final

The Fundamental Laws of Rehume


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