The Elven Nation

The Elven Nation

The Elven Court
Population: 25,132
Governmental System: Dictatorship
Ruling figure Title: Speaker of the Suns
Succession: Council of Eldar appointment

1 Capital, four cities, 3 towns
Capital City: High Port
Wing Hove


Elven Military
Commander at Arms – Leads the Military some 1000
Admiral– Commands 18 Ships and sea defenses
Quenya- Commands the Elven Rangers some 400

The Arphazal
The Gimlith
The Lominzil
The Irpan
The Karbazir
The Avaloben
The Minluben
The Tamruben
The Zainaben
The Saptheth
The Aglaril
The Naruphel
The Pharazindil
The Sapthan
The Abrazimir

Capital City Overview
High Port, once the heart of Power on Argyle now stands as a shadow of its former self, the elven population is in decline, they have not the numbers to man or patrol the great Elven Court, nor do many have the inclination. Scholars and wizards travel from far to learn what they can from these Nobel beings, certain that within the next thousand years, the elves or Argyle will all be gone.

Council of Eldar
Towers of High Sorcery
Sons of Treefall

Economic Statistics
Chief Exports: Fruit, Wood, vegetables, Diamonds, knowledge, music, instruments, art, jewels, medicine

Tax: 18% tax foreign 18% tax local

Some Notable Business and Sights in High Port
Tower of the Speaker of the Suns
Monument to Tree Fall
Towers of High Sorcery
Tower of Erindale
Temple of Damie
Song Smithy

Some Notable Laws

- to kill an elf is perhaps one of the greatest crimes of this age

The Elven Nation

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